Watch Engraving

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Watch Engraving

Watch Engraving Watch Engraving
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+ Caseback polishing, 16 €
33 € including VAT
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Choose a font

Cursive fonts look best with personal or romantic messages. They can be used in writings in straight line only; the text cannot be used to trace the edge of the watch.


Block letters are suitable for texts, which are not personal. For example when the watch is intended as a gift to an employee.


We engrave also special characters and pictures

The technology of engraving

To engrave a text on a watch, we use modern, contactless laser technology. This technology ablates the material of the watch a few micrometres deep. This way, the watch stays intact, and you don't have to worry about the safety of your watch.

Engraving terms & conditions


  • An engraved watch cannot be returned – as engraving is a service enabling you to personalize the watch to your likings, you cannot return a watch once it has been engraved.
  • Payment in advance – both the watch and all chosen services have to be paid in advance.

Case back polishing

The perfect place for engraving a watch is the case back (the side you put on your hand). However, there are often texts and logos placed there by the producer, and texts engraved over the technical information therefore does not look very pleasing to the eye. You can order the service of case back polishing to remove the original data from the case back. Having been polished, the case back is smooth and displays only the text engraved. This case back polishing service is a paid service.

Leštění a gravírování hodinek
An example of a finished engraving on a polished case back using the Gabriola font.