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Favourite Women's Tissot Watches

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30.6.2023 | 4 MIN

Looking for a gift for your beloved lady can be difficult. At the beginning of looking for a women's watch, many fashion accessories made by brands manufacturing shoes, bag, and jewellery as well as watches come swarming. But all you want is to finally buy her a watch made by a traditional watchmaking brand, in Swiss quality, and preferably within a reasonable price range. Does this sound like you? Well then let us help you find just the right one. Introducing this gallery of favourite women's Tissot watches.

Why did we choose Tissot? First of all, this brand checks all the requirements listed above. It is a Swiss brand with history, which still believes in the basic values of watchmaking – quality, craft, precision.

Tissot started manufacturing watches as far as 1853, and since then, it has grown into one of the favourite watchmaking brands of today. And no wonder. For more than a hundred and sixty years, Tissot has been making quality mechanical and quartz watches for men and women, and for prices, which could at least be described as agreeable and fair.

Women's watches set with diamonds – Photo Gallery

When it comes to women's watches, the brand is proud that there is a parallel between the evolution of fashion and the watches for women which the brand has been manufacturing since 1853.

"There is a strong parallel between the evolution of fashion and the watches that Tissot has been creating for women since 1853."

Tissot was established in the middle of the 19th century in the Swiss mountain town of Le Locle. This town is situated in the are of the famous Jura mountains, also known as the holy place of Swiss watchmaking. The stories of many other Swiss watchmaking giants have their beginnings here, in the Jura mountains. There are more watch-famous towns near Le Locle, like Biel or La Chaux-de-Fonds.

All women's Tissot watches are protected by sapphire glass. It takes some real skills to scratch this type of glass. The only thing harder than sapphire is only diamond.

The designs are usually more on the elegant side that is slightly conservative. However, that doesn't mean the brand is afraid to use gentle pastel colours or interesting features, like the Moon phase complication.

Small women
Small women's watches for tiny wrists – Photo Gallery

As the Tissot brand is connected to the largest producer of watches in the world, Swatch Group, it makes it possible to keep the prices quite low when we look at the luxury and beautiful craftsmanship of the watches.

Women's Certina watches: Photo gallery of the most beautiful ones

The women's section offers a large scale of styles, from jewellery watches to sporty timepieces which are able to follow their lady into the deep sea. Reliability is a characteristic that all Tissot watches share. And you can also rely on the fact that those shiny stones decorating Tissot dials are real diamonds. With purchase, you will receive an official diamond certificate.

Women's watches with diamonds up to 500 EUR – Photo gallery

Tissot also thinks of ladies who are looking for a practical, minimalistic accessory, which looks great in any situation.

The simple Everytime watch is a real companion for every day. It is the perfect choice for those who want or need a nicely readable watch. If you'd like to buy the Everytime watch as a gift, you can "spice it up" by adding an engraved personal message or wish onto the polished case back.

33,00 € (delivery by 10.6.)

Tradition, quality, and precise craftsmanship is not necessarily only a men's thing. What's also not only for men is the bigger size of 40 mm / 1.57", which became one of ladies' favourite especially with the golden unisex Tissot Everytime.

TOP 6: Big and elegant women
TOP 6: Big and elegant women's watches

By the way, the smaller, 34 mm / 1.34", is also just as beautiful:

Photo Gallery of Golden Women
Photo Gallery of Golden Women's Watches

Let's talk about unisex pieces for a little bit. One of the most sought-after models by Tissot is the PRX, thanks to its famous design which reminds us of the 1970's. Since retro watches look better in smaller sizes, Tissot decided to release a 35 mm / 1.38" version. Ladies were thrilled (seeing the charm of the watch, I was among them).

The most salient element of the PRX is the barrel-shaped case with integrated bracelet, more of a robust look, water resistance up to 100M, and a look that never gets old. Trust me, you will want to look at that watch all day every day. The vertical brushing connecting the case and the bracelet adds to this beautiful view.

Retro, but also in a different style? Especially in the middle of the last century, tiny square watches were very popular. We at Hodinky 365 believe that this trend is making a comeback. And it looks like we share this opinion with Tissot.

The jewellery Tissot Lovely watch is made in many colour variants, and its small size does not mean it is made only for smaller wrists.

If you're not that into square retro, I would recommend coming to our store to see the models and trying the watch on in real life. This watch can show you its beauty itself.

Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

The square models are not the only small watches in the Lovely line. There is also the enchanting Tissot Lovely Round watch with sapphire glass facetted like a diamond.

If you're looking for a watch for a lady who is practical and sportish and wears heels only for special occasions, I'm sure she would be interested in the Seastar 1000 diver watch. This watch was finally made also for women's wrists.

You can definitely count on this watch no matter the situation, it is built to last even up to 300 M depth. All this while still being elegant.

First "Women
First "Women's" Tissot Seastar − Dipping into my piggy bank for it?

So, which watch would you like to get as a gift?


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