3 reasons why a watch with engraved dedication makes a great gift

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7.6.2021 | 2 MIN

An engraved watch can pleasantly surprise a person and, in the case of a more personal message, even move them to tears. Read our 3 reasons why. I'm also adding a few tips for emotional text.

1. Engraved watches are really original

Enough with all the slippers, perfumes, socks and cosmetics. Those things won't surprise us under the Christmas tree anymore. To tell the truth, a watch is also not the most original gift. But a watch with engraved dedication is a completely different story. You will probably be the first one to give a gift like this to your loved ones.

Možná je něco, co budete chtít svým blízkým připomenout kažýd den.

Maybe there is something you want to remind your nearest and dearest every day.

2. Engraved watches may be very personal

For most of my life, I have received gifts from my dear Mom, that she simply found and purchased last minute. All she had to do was pull the money out of her wallet (I'm not mad, Mom). My girlfriend, on the other hand, surprised me with something I had mentioned a long time ago, and she also had a lot of work with it. I probably don't have to say, which present was more personal and which I enjoyed more.

With an engraved watch, you show, among other things, that you have not only invested money into the gift, but also your time.

Dárek, který bude mít u sebe denně a mnoho let

A personal gift says you care about the person.

3. It is a gift that will be remembered for many years

In some way, we consume most of the gifts. But a watch (if it is good quality) can last for years or decades. And so with the watch will also last your engraving.

How to write emotional dedication

Instead of a descriptive and more or less boring text like "for your 20th birthday", write something more personal to your loved ones. Words like: "I am proud of you." will forever remind your son of how you feel, instead of the occasion he received the watch. The information "20th birthday" can easily be in a smaller font, but the important thing should be dominant. What we feel for each other. For example:

  • I am proud of you
  • I love you
  • I always knew you could do it
  • I will always be there for you
  • Never forget how much you mean to me

Here, you can find an engraving service with information including how everything works, how long does it take and how much does it cost.


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