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Watches - the most common jewelery and gift

Time is the most valuable thing in life. There are only 24 hours in a day and we can't change that. To make a fine use of the time we have, it is good to always know what time is it. That is why watches were invented. A little device on one's wrist, that keeps us informed about the current time.

Nowadays, it is not important to wear the watch just for its time indicator function. We have phones and other devices for that. Watches also serve as a beautiful fashion accessory, regardless of one's gender. Men can find a stylish outfit addition and highlight their personality in men's watches and women in women's watches.

The most common watch styles are:

Fashion watches - Fashion watches are watches that correspond to the latest trends. Usually, these watches are designed by famous designers (such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein) or by big fashion brands (eg: Guess, Diesel).

Sports watches - Sports watches are usually made from light materials, so that they are not a burden during physical activities. They should not have a leather or imitation leather strap, since it is expected to be in direct contact with sweat and, of course, they must not lack a stopwatch feature, because exact time measurement is needed when tracking athlete's performance.

Military watches - Military watches are not defined by style or its features but by the mindset of soldiers. It is a watch that soldiers consider as a military watch. These include for example Luminox or Suunto watches.

Classic watches - Looking back to the last century, there was no selection of watches compared to what we have today. You don't believe it? Try to explore our watch eshop and you will find thousands of watches in different colors, designs and features. Anyway, when talking about classic watches, people usually mean watches with a simple analog dial without any decorative setting and any other modern additions.

Pocket watches - Pocket watches are no longer widely used for everyday use, but they serve well as a non-traditional gift for close friends and familly.

You've probably also heard of the term everyday watches. However, these watches do not have to meet any criteria. The watch should be comfortable and its user should like to wear it every day. It does not matter if a person wears cheap watches, sports Casio G-Shock or expensive Swiss Tissot watch.

Watch brands:

The most popular watch brands are: Casio, Festina, Prim, Tissot, Guess, Esprit, Michael Kors, Citizen, Charles Delon and Certina.