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16.12.2021 | 8 MIN

You are sure – you would like to get the most beautiful women's watch. The end. Finding and choosing a watch that simply works for you can be a process taking up days or even weeks. Today, we have prepared a selection of women's favorites in different categories for those of you who still can't decide and need some inspiration.

In this article, we haven't set up any limits. An article with a price limit can be found below:

The most beautiful women
The most beautiful women's watches (affordable)

(1) Diamonds – A safe bet

Why choose watch set with diamonds? Finding a reason is really easy here – diamonds are beautiful. Their brightness, sparkle, refraction of light, and the famous "diamond glow" are simply unmistakable, and a watch with diamonds makes up a great gift.


Three diamonds with a weight of 0.0076 carats are on the beautiful DS Action Diamonds Certina. The watch is popular for its amazing design and surprising parameters, like the water-resistance of 200 M, sapphire crystal, and precision-certified movement, thanks to which it also has a longer warranty.

Certina with diamonds will thus convince the heart and mind of the future owner. Our favorite is the bicolor version, perhaps because you can match it with gold and silver jewelry or because this combination simply works. But even the softer silver or titanium version, which is more appropriate for sensitive skin, has had long-term success. You just can't get tired of looking at the watch.

In our magazine you can find both a selection of affordable watches with diamonds (up to 480 EUR) and a selection of more luxurious watches with diamonds for the more demanding part of you:

TOP 6: Women
TOP 6: Women's watches set with diamonds

(2) Rose-gold – The most popular color of metal in recent years

Do you know what color of metal is currently the most popular in the fashion world? It is a rose-gold, a warm copper color with a pink tone. It sets the tone for fashion shows and Instagram, and according to the editors of famous fashion magazines, it is unlikely that the pink-gold trend will leave us anytime soon.

In 2021, the rose-gold solar-powered watch – the Citizen Elegant Eco-Drive, gained a lot of attention. It is a piece produced by the traditional Japanese brand Citizen, a technological giant of the watchmaking world. Sympathy was evoked both by the delicate and elegant look of the watch and the comfort coming from solar power (no need to change the battery).

(3) Large watches – Modern and simple

Since the beginning of the millennium, the watchmaking world has been accompanied by the trend of big watches, both in men's and women's. Presumably, the popularity of so-called oversize watches stems from the fact that as women gradually rose to the level of men, they also adopted the original men's watch sizes. Many women would prefer a men's style watch – big, not overly decorated, and simple.

The Wenger Metropolitan Donnissima watch with a diameter of 38 mm is just like that. And yet very feminine. There is a fine heart shape engraving on the dial and Swarovski crystals at three o'clock. In addition, the Wenger watch also has a sapphire-treated mineral glass, so it is more scratch-resistant and has 100 meters of water resistance.

TOP 6: Big and elegant women
TOP 6: Big and elegant women's watches

(4) Tiny watches – For women with slim wrists

Are most watches kind of awkwardly big on you? Do you always fasten the strap to the last hole? Does the dial occupy the entire area of ​​your wrist and simply doesn't flatter you? Then it's probably time to look around in the small women's watches category.

This year, for the category of small watches, we chose the Citizen Elegant Eco-Drive Radio Controlled with a diameter of 30 mm. Thanks to the small dimensions and delicate execution it is a decent piece of jewelry in the form of a watch.

It also surprises with its practicality. It has a sapphire crystal that you can't really scratch, high water resistance, and a solar power supply. And what is the most interesting thing about it? Every night, the watch receives a radio signal, which allows it to accurately adjust the time to a second.

WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women
WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women's watches for tiny wrists

(5) White watches – Pure and elegant

White is the color of purity and elegance, and there is no doubt that these features are also carried in the watch. However, with the beauty of a white watch comes a little struggle – even the most careful wearer will not keep the white strap white forever. But don't worry, when the time comes, we will be happy to help you replace it with a new one at the store.

One of the watches that rule the pure white watches category is definitely the Tissot Couturier. The watch draws the attention of the future owner with the simple, elegant, and yet a certain sophistication in details.


On the silver dial, you can see a circular structure that connects the indices and the practical date indicator. And what attracts us the most is probably the strap with a lacquered treatment as it adds the overall glamour

The Tissot Courturier boasts a high water resistence, which in combination with the sapphire crystal and a comfortable clasp, makes the beautiful white watch more than an interesting choice as an everyday watch.

TOP 6: Strictly white and elegant women
TOP 6: Strictly white and elegant women's watches

(6) Godlen watches – The color of the Sun and luxury

Golden watches can evoke a warm feeling of luxury. And when the shiny surface of the watch gets touched by the golden rays of the Sun, a pleasing spectacle is created, which the owners of golden accessories know very well.

Festina is another brand that bet on golden watches. One of the most interesting and the most beautiful ones is the Festina Boyfriend. A simple dial in the champagne color softens the otherwise all-gold design – from the case, through the hands to the bracelet. It is an ideal choice for lovers of golden jewelry. The watch looks elegant, reasonably serious, and will be as relevant today as in a few years.

Models from the Festina Boyfriend collections are some of the most popular women's watches. They have gained popularity among women who prefer larger, stylistically simple watches in a truly minimalist style.

(7) Classic sports watches – When you need functionality

Are you the type of woman who prefers to wear sneakers instead of high heels in the morning, and the simple, sportier look just makes more sense to you? Women's sports watches bet the money not just on the looks, but mostly on the practicality, durability, and "over-decorated" design.

The Citizen Elegant Ladies Eco-Drive Radio Controlled watch is the clear favorite of this category, and it is not surprising. Its uniqueness in the world of women's watches speaks for itself.

Adjusting the time using a radio signal has always been the privilege of men's watches. However, the popularity of women's Citizen Radio Controlled proves that women also care about the practical side and are not afraid of many functions and tweaks.

TOP 6: Women
TOP 6: Women's classic sports watches

(8) Titanium watches – Elegant solution for sensitive skin

Living with nickel sensitivity is not pleasant at all. Especially when you're looking for accessories. The truth is that even in the high-quality surgical steel, from which most watches are made, there is a surprisingly large amount of nickel. A solution to this problem can be titanium watches, which are 100 % antiallergenic.

375,00 € (delivery by 13.6.)

As the most beautiful titanium watch, we chose the delicate Citizen Elegant, which is adored for its delicate look, shiny crystals and nacre dial reminding us of the blush of dawn. This beauty is safe thanks to the sapphire glass over it, which is basically resistant to scratches.

Seeing a watch this elegant, you might not expect good water-resistance properties. However, this watch is water resistant up to 100 M (swimming). This material also hardened using Citizen's Duratect technology which makes the watch more safe from scratches.

Need one more reason? This beautie is solar-powered. Meaning you do not need to worry about the battery. We therefore do not recommend hiding the watch away in a drawer… but with a watch like this, I guess this will definitely not be the case.

(9) Easy-to-read watches – A quick glance is enough

Easy-to-read watches are watches, where a quick glance is enough to read the time. They have a simple monochromatic dial, on which there are no disturbing elements, the hands are in contrast with the background of the dial, and the marked indices are ideally Arabic numerals.

Certina is one of the traditional brands, which emphasizes quality workmanship and high durability. The Certina DS Caimano has a water resistance of 100M as well as a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective layer that absorbs reflections – another attribute increasing good readabilty.

It also has luminescence on hands and indices. These are distinctive and numbered. Minutes are also marked. There is no wonder this watch is at the top of its category. In addition, it is very elegant and practical, and thanks to the universal design, it will fit really anywhere.

(10) Mechanical automatic – What is important is what is inside

Many watch enthusiasts still can't get enough of mechanical movements, even though quartz (battery) movements have some advantages to boast with. Mechanical watches are historically older, more demanding to manufacture, and also require some care. However, this gives them something like a soul or a personality, which cheaper quartzes simply cannot match.

I won't even exaggerate when I say that the women's  Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Automatic is an extraordinary women's watch. That's also why itbecame the winner of our selection. Rare arctic blue and unusual, asymmetrical views of the movement on the decorated movement enchant many watch lovers.

The so-called Open Heart – a view through the dial on the heart of the watch (flywheel) is not exactly a common feature in women's watches. All the more so when Hamilton did a really solid job with the design.

Extra tip: A watch that matches your partner's watch

Have you heard of couple watches? They are a great gift for a wedding anniversary or other occasion when you want to show the other that you belong together. Added personal value to the gift can be, for example, an engraved personal dedication.

381,00 € (delivery by 9.6.)

Couple watches are ruled mostly by a classic elegance that suits both. Men's Tissot Tradition Quartz and women's Tissot Tradition Lady Quartz are Swiss traditional watches by a traditional brand, whose strength lies in the design that was verified reliably over time. The combination of polished stainless steel with a white dial makes them ideal social watches but their neutrality did not exclude them from the area of ​​"everyday wear" – both for the office and for a romantic dinner together.

381,00 € (delivery by 9.6.)


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