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16.12.2021 | 7 MIN

You are clear - you would like to get the most beautiful ladies' watches. Period. Finding and choosing a watch that is simply the best can be a process that takes days or weeks. For those who still can't make up their minds and need a pinch of inspiration, today we've put together a selection of women's favourites in various categories.

In this article, we didn't limit ourselves in terms of price. You can find the article in which we set the price limit below:

The most beautiful women
The most beautiful women's watches (affordable)

(1) Diamonds – A safe bet

Why choose a watch set with diamonds? Finding the reason is really simple - diamonds are beautiful. Their brightness, sparkle, refraction of light and the proverbial "diamond glow" is simply unmistakable, making a diamond watch a great gift.

On the beautiful Frederique Constant Highlife Heart Beat you will find eight diamonds of 0.04 ct. But this watch is not only popular for its stunning and above all imaginative design but also for its excellent workmanship, sapphire crystal and last but not least, the automatic movement, whose beating heart the lady can observe through a viewing window in the dial.

Frederique Constant with diamonds will convince the heart and mind of the future owner. The version in a delicate combination of rose gold (PVD) and stainless steel is a winner for us and will not disappoint.

In our magazine you will find a selection of affordable diamond watches (up to 499 EUR) as well as a selection of more luxurious diamond watches for the more demanding among you:

Women's watches with diamonds up to 500 EUR – Photo gallery

Women's watches set with diamonds – Photo Gallery

(2) Rose-gold – The most popular metal colour of recent years

Do you know which metal color is the most in right now in the fashion world? It's rose gold, or a warm copper color with a pink tone. It sets the tone for fashion shows and Instagram and according to the editors of famous fashion magazines, the rose-gold trend is unlikely to leave us anytime soon.

The title of the most beautiful rose-gold ladies' watch was earned by the Certina DS-8 with one unique, charming feature - a moon phase indicator.

On a dial inlaid with genuine mother-of-pearl dial, the warm rose gold hands and indices look really elegant. Not to mention the section with the wandering moon and the starry sky. And the fact that the mother-of-pearl dial can resemble clouds from a certain angle gives the wearer a particularly beautiful view.

Women's watches in rose gold – Photo gallery

(3) Big watch – Modern and simple

A large watch in a slightly masculine style has an indescribable panache about it. And it suits not only ladies with wider wrists.

The 39mm Citizen Elegant Ladies Eco-Drive Radio Controlled watch has been one of the most popular ladies watches in our country for years, not only for the design but also for the effortlessness.

Thanks to radio signal reception, the watch always automatically adjusts the time to the exact second, it is solar-charged and abounds with practical features, among which an automatic calendar or alarm stands out.

Thanks to its robust construction, the watch then holds 100M water resistance and will also please with a sapphire crystal that is practically scratch-proof.

TOP 6: Women
TOP 6: Women's classic sports watches

(4) Small watches – For the ladies of the wee hand.

Are most watches kind of uncomfortably big on you, the strap always fastens at the last hole, and the dial that takes up the entire surface of your wrist just doesn't flatter you? Then it's probably time to look around in the category of small ladies watches.

We've chosen the charming Tissot Lovely Square summer set with a diameter of just 20mm. And since this piece was obviously intended as a watch-jewel, the future owner will get three spare straps in pastel colors.

Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

Thanks to the speedwheels, the lady can easily change the strap herself without the help of a watchmaker.

Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery
Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery

Small women
Small women's watches for tiny wrists – Photo Gallery

(5) White watch – Clean and elegant

White is the most elegant colour and it really suits every lady's hand, no matter what her skin tone or wrist width. And it goes with everything.

For the most beautiful watch in white, we've chosen the Hamilton Jazzmaster with mother-of-pearl and a unique semi-skeleton dial through which you can follow the hypnotic movement of the ornate mechanical movement inside. The movement offers a superior power reserve of 80 hours, so the watch can run for more than three days without winding.

The dial is covered by a sapphire crystal, and everything stands out too because of the larger 36mm diameter.

Pure white and elegant ladies watches – Photo Gallery
Pure white and elegant ladies watches – Photo Gallery

(6) Gold watch – The colour of sun and luxury

A watch in gold can evoke a warm feeling of luxury in the wearer. And what's more when the golden rays of the sun touch the shiny surface of the watch, it creates a beautiful spectacle that gold accessories owners know all too well.

The traditional Tissot has dipped its watches in gold, creating a model that is impossible to miss with its own self-evidence. Tissot Everytime watches are very much suited to minimalism in shiny gold.

Photo Gallery of Golden Women
Photo Gallery of Golden Women's Watches

A business model like no other.

(7) Classic sports watches – When you're all about functionality

Are you the type of woman who prefers to wear trainers instead of pumps in the morning and a simple, sporty look is just closer to your heart? Women's sports watches rely not only on looks but above all on practicality, durability and "no-frills" design.

We were most impressed by the first ever Tissot Seastar for women which is unique in the world of women's watches.

First "Women
First "Women's" Tissot Seastar − Dipping into my piggy bank for it?

In 90% of cases, you will find diving watches in production for men. But these Seastars proved that the simple sporty style, diver's scale and superior durability (they can withstand pressure even at 300M depth!) also suits a woman's wrist.

TOP 6: Women
TOP 6: Women's classic sports watches

(8) Titanium watches – An elegant solution for sensitive skin

Living with nickel sensitivity is not pleasant. Especially when you're shopping for accessories. The truth is that even in the high-quality surgical steel that most watches are made of, there is a surprisingly large amount of nickel. The solution may be watches made of titanium, which is 100% anti-allergenic. And of course, amazingly light.

We've chosen the tiny Citizen Elegant as the most beautiful titanium watch, loved for its delicate look, the sparkle of the glass stones and the mother-of-pearl dial with its gorgeous reddish effect. This spectacle is protected by a practically scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

We might not expect much durability in a watch this elegant but the opposite is true - the watch is water resistant to 100M (swimming) and the titanium material is protected by Citizen's Duratect treatment which makes the watch resist scratches well.

And why would you want it any more? These beauties are powered by light so there's no need to worry about changing the battery. We therefore don't recommend hiding it in a drawer... which I hope is not the case with a watch this good.

(9) Easy to read - A glance is all it takes

A watch that is easy to read is one where a glance is enough to read the time. It has a monochrome and simple dial with no distracting elements, hands that are clearly visible and contrasting against the dial background and marked indices, ideally in Arabic numerals.

Certina is one of the traditional brands and prides itself on quality workmanship and durability. Thus in the Certina DS Caimano we find not only 100-metre water resistance but also a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating that absorbs glare - further attributes that enhance good legibility.

Women's Certina watches: Photo gallery of the most beautiful ones

There is also luminescence on the hands and indexes. These are distinctive, numbered and the minutes are marked. No wonder this watch is one of the top in its category. In addition, it is very elegant and practical and thanks to its universal design it will fit really anywhere.

Good readable ladies watches up to 420 EUR – Photo gallery
Good readable ladies watches up to 420 EUR – Photo gallery

(10) Watches with an idea

The last category belongs to the winners in creativity. The playful and crazy Swatches, the Invicta with its fun Mickey Mouse... But in the end, the winner was a watch with a much more subtle, but all the more imaginative detail not often seen on watches - the Swiss Mido Rainflower with a hidden luminescent lily on the dial.

The elegant timepiece is further embellished with mother-of-pearl dial, diamonds and a special purple tone on the leather strap.

Extra Tip: A watch to match your counterpart

Have you heard of a pair watch? They make a great gift for wedding anniversaries or other occasions when you want to show the other person that you belong together. An engraved personal dedication for example, adds to the emotional value of the gift.

The couple's watch is rather classic which suits both. The men's and women's Tissot PRX is a traditional Swiss watch brand whose strength lies in its legendary design from the 1970s. The combination of brushed stainless steel with a blue dial makes it an ideal social watch but its neutrality has not excluded it from the realm of "everyday wear" - both for the office and for a romantic dinner together.


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