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22.7.2021 | 9 MIN

"Jesus, what a piece of plastic. I won't wear this. It has to look like something." Many men must have heard their better half to say someting like this in front of a display case with watches. A woman is trying on the fifteenth model, man nervously taps his feet – which makes the woman even more angry than the fact she hasn't found the perfect piece yet. Women are simply "aesthetic creatures" and we can't blame them for that. That is why we picked 6 of the most elegant women's smartwatch models, which would strum a woman's imaginary (or not?) aesthetic string.

(1) Garmin VívoActive 4S – sporty with an elegant robe

It is one of the most popular women's sports testers. It can't be said that VívoActive 4S is a sporty in body and soul. In this case, it is just in soul. The case of the watch keeps an ideal dose of elegance. It is not full of useless acessories and it just looks good.

Did you know that every woman spends 2 years of her life looking for a wallet in her purse? No? Maybe because it's not true. But if somebody did a research on this, quite possibly it would turn out to be true. That's why this watch offers Garmin Pay contactless payment. All you have to do is put your wrist close to the terminal and it's done.

The watch is controlled on a transflective LCD touch screen and boasts with up to a week of battery life. Sports people will appreciate the detailed monitoring of sports activities and the music player (either from watch storage or from streaming services like Spotify).

The transflective LCD display is one of the most common types of smart watch display. It is permanently lit, has a perfect readability in the Sun (it does not reflect the Sun's rays, but uses them to illuminate it) and is gentle on battery life. However, some people may consider it a bit dull and non-contrasting.

Garmin tries to please women of all tastes, which is why VívoActive 4S is offered in four color variants – white, dust rose, grey and black.

Garmin VívoActive 4S is suitable for a sporty woman, who also appreciate smart urban features.

The Garmin brand offers truly detailed monitoring of sports activity, and there are not so many brands can compete with them. In addition, the VívoActive 4S is packed with smart features such as contactless payment and a music player that many women will appreciate in everyday life.

The pros and cons of this model include:

has a praiseworthy battery life
offers detailed monitoring of sports activities as it is typical for Garmin
offers contactless payment and a music player

non-contrast display

All Garmin VívoActive 4 variants.

An alternative to this model is Garmin Venu, which has the same functional equipment, but more contrast and brightly colored AMOLED display.

(2) Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold – a classic or a smartwatch? That's the question.

One of the few watches you have to take a closer look at for you to realize it is a smartwach. And that is probably the mission of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. You might think it's a classic watch because of the steel rotating bezel, which is for this kind of watches typical. Or it might be the overall use of steel. Or it might not matter. Samsung just did a really good job.

This smartwatch is controlled through an AMOLED touch screen in combination with a mechanically rotating bezel. Many users will appreciate that they can make a call directly with the watch, if the phone is in a reach of a Bluetooth signal.

The AMOLED display is the second type of displays used in a smartwatch. These displays usually turns off as they are energetically very demanding. If they were permanently lit, the battery life would rapidly decreased. Compared to the LCD display, it offers strong contrast and color saturation. The AMOLED display usually reflects direct sunlight, so the display becomes very dark in the sun.

In addition to that, it can monitor sports activities, offers a music player and contactless Samsung Pay payment.

The disadvatage, for some, may be the three days long battery life. But what else to expect? The watch is packed with functions and has a beautifully crafted (and energy-demanding) AMOLED display. So there has to be a sacrifice somewhere.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is a watch suitable for a woman looking for a really elegant watch full of smart functions, but who does not need absolutely detailed monitoring of sports activities.

Samsung watches are not a literal sport testers, but  they are enough for basic monitoring of sports activities. Their biggest advatages are the urban smart functions and wide support of various apps with which you can enrich the watch. Another big plus is definitely the option of calling directly from the watch.

The pros and cons of this model include:

elegant metal design
controling by mechanically rotating bezel
calling directly from the watch

only three days battery life
Samsung Pay currently not being supported by Czech banks

All Samsung Galaxy Watch variants.

(3) Garmin VívoMove 3 – smarty with a dose of classics

Analog hands and smart insides? That is also possible. Garmin has created a smart partner for women who are looking for a slightly more conservative look underlined by a bit of classicism – analog watches. And, of course, the model was complemented by the necessary dose of essential elegance.

Although the watch evokes the feeling of "classic" at first glance, you won't be able to find a movement in the case of the watch. There is a tiny AMOLED display that controls the watch  under the hands. The watch offers monitoring of sports activities, control of a music player in a mobile phone, and also contactless payment. If you consider the contactless payment function unnecessary, VívoMove is also offered in a less expensive version without the Garmin Pay function.

Pod analogovými ručkami se skrývá malinkatý displej, který není úplně ostrý, ale aspoň neruší celkový vzhled.

Beneath the analog hands, there is a tiny display that is not completely sharp, but at least does not disturb the overall appearance.

Garmin VívoMove 3 promises the best of Garmin in a conservative case, which will be appreciated by women who support rather (for some good) old classics. In addition, some versions are not on a silicone, but a fabric strap, which many women will definitely appreciate.

The pros and cons of this model include:

one of the few models combining smart functions and analog hands
more expensive version with the possibility of contactless payments and less expensive without it
version with fabric strap

the hidden AMOLED display is so small that it can be harder to control
there is plenty of space between the glass and the dial, and fingerprints are noticeable in the light

(4) Garmin Venu SQ – Edges, edges and again those edges ...

Edges are in. For Garmin, edges were popular at the beggining of this millennium, but the "edgy trend" was definitely started by Apple Watches. Garmin couln't stay behind and met the needs of its customers in the form of the square stylish Garmin Venu SQ.

This watch offers the typical Garmin package – a bunch of sensors, great monitoring of sports activities and, as a pleasant bonus, some smart functions such as contactless payment and a music player. If you feel like the music player is unnecessary, there is a less expensive version of the Venu SQ without it. The battery hidden in a sqare case offers six days of battery life.

Some people may be bothered by the occasional poorer controllability of the display, which, however, often depends more on habit.

This square is a novelty of September 2020. It is a very popular piece, which is available in several color variants – black, grey, white, cream, blue and khaki

The Garmin Venu SQ will surely be appreciated by anyone with a flair for modern design, it also uses both sports functions and a healthy number of smart functions.

The pros and cons of this model include:

modern square design
detailed monitoring of sports activities
two versions – more expensive with a music player, less expensive without it

occasional poorer controllability of the touch screen

All Garmin Venu SQ variants.

(5) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 – minimalist smarty for sporty ladies

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an example of elegance in minimalism. Round display with rounded edges, two buttons on the side and a silicone strap. You can't really say more about the look of this model, but that's how it works.

There is nothing really eye-catching about the Watch Active 2 – and that is the biggest plus. A woman can fit it with anything and it won't be clashing with her outfit. And thanks to the weight of 30 grams, she won't even feel it on her hand. As the name suggests, it is a watch for active people. There is a detailed monitoring of sports activity and the user interface is generally "sportier".

However, this model will also be appreciated by non-athletes, because it offers many smart functions, such as the contactless payment method Samsung Pay (not yet supported in the Czech Republic) or calling directly from the watch. Compared to the previous Galaxy Watch, it has an improved heart rate sensor (not 4 diodes, but 8), so you get slightly more accurate data about your body.

The thing Samsung didn't do well is the battery life as the Watch Active2 lasts only two days on one charge.

The Watch Active2 is offered in pink, as well as in grey and black.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 quite nicely stands on the boarder of smartwatches and sport testers, and that is why I would imagine this watch on a wrist of a modern, athletic woman, who would use the load of smart functions.

calling directly from the watch
low weight up to thirty grams
meet the military-grade ruggedness standards

only two days battery life

All Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 variants.

(6) Garmin Fenix 6S – an elegant bomb

Such a "bomb" in the lines of Garmin. This is how the Garmin Fenix ​​6 model could also be called. Its smallest version (6S) also targets the women's wrist, not only with smaller dimensions, but also with an attractive design.

Only few women will use this watch functionally. And by that I don't want to degrade women, this watch is difficult for any man to use. The watch has so many functions that it will take a really long time for all the functions of this watch to pass through your hands.

But these are quite possibly some of the best smartwatches on the market, so if you want to buy your wife the best, please, here it is.

Very detailed monitoring of sports activities, detailed maps directly in the device (including maps of golf courses and ski resorts), and also a contactless payment and a music player (including streaming services such as Spotify). All this and much more. But with this device, it would take years to state all the functions. I recommend reading a review.

Garmin Fenix 6 reviews - number one among outdoor watches
Garmin Fenix 6 reviews - number one among outdoor watches

Garmin managed an impressive nine days of battery life even with this number of functions.

Thousands of functions are packed in a steel case in combination with a silicone strap, which is attached to the watch case with the Quick-Fit system.

Quick-Fit system is a type of strap fastening. You don't need any instruments to take the strap off the spring bars. The stap is fastened witha special "buckle", which can be easly taken off and it can be confortably switches for another strap.Women will definitely appreciate it when fitting in with a chosen outfit. :)

The Garmin Fenix ​​6S is the only model in this list controlled by buttons. Although it may seem like prehistoric control, it has its advantages. Have you tried to use a touch screen in the rain or cold, with a sweaty hand or with gloves? I believe you would appreciate this "prehistoric" control at that point.

I would recommend the Garmin Fenix 6S to a sporty woman, who can use a great portion of those functions. Well, or just to a woman who likes and appreciates owning the (perhaps) best on the market. Well... Or to a woman who has such a loving husband that he would consider it as a gift (despite the higher price). But the watch is worth the money, really, I swear. :)

The pros and cons of this model includes:

detailed maps
contacntless payments and a music player
offered is a version with a solar accumulator (increase the battery life)
offered in a version with saphhire or mineral crystal
meet the military-grade ruggedness standards

the weight of 61 grams can be too much for some

All Garmin Fenix 6S variants.

Six models with a good dose of elegance and smart. So? Which one with these two atributes works the best according to you?


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