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Diamonds – for many they represent radiant beauty and uniqueness, for others wealth... And for some, it's just a simple crystalline form of carbon... But let's focus on the "shining and special", which, by the way, are also feelings thatdiamonds cansometimes evoke. For this reason, we decided to select a selection of women's diamond watches, to try and help men find a great gift that will make their loved one feel as radiant as the diamonds she'll be wearing.

Women's watches with diamonds up to 500 EUR – Photo gallery

We'll start the show in the Land of the Rising Sun, where the Orient Star watch comes from. Watch lovers will be delighted by the exposed heart of the movement, all ladies will be delighted by the small diamond at 12.

You could make an extensive diamond collection from women's watches from the Swiss Certina, because the range is wide and varied and Certina offers both first-class elegance and sporty variants. And in addition to diamonds, they have one more thing in common – uncompromising durability.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The Certina DS Chronometr Diamonds watch is decorated with a row of three diamonds weighing 0.0076 carats.

This watch stands out with a lot of interesting features. And let's start with the ones that can be seen: the diamonds that stand out relatively well on the dial, the elegant polished finish and the practical date.

Those features that, on the other hand, are not visible but are no less important, are hidden under the acronyms COSC (Certificate of Accuracy) and DS (Double Security Concept).

The COSC and DS concept lend the watch Swiss precision and exceptional durability, thanks to which this diamond-set, elegant beauty can handle even deep-sea diving... Although I don't suppose any of the ladies would actually wear it for diving. ;)

What does COSC mean in the name of the watch? Simply put, this is a certificate that is awarded only to the most accurate Swiss watches on the market. Watches with the COSC mark must meet the strictest accuracy standards: mechanical deviations are allowed -4 to +6 s/day, quartz only 0.07 s/day. COSC-certified watches are also called chronometers.

There is also a silver version of the Certina Chronometer Diamonds in titanium, which is a suitable alternative for sensitive skin.

Titanium is a hi-tech material that possesses many unique physical properties for which watchmakers have come to love it: it is very light, strong, durable, non-corrosive and, importantly, anti-allergenic. Do you have sensitive skin that suffers from contact with the nickel found in commonly used steel? A suitable alternative may just be a watch made of titanium, which contains 0% nickel and is therefore 100% anti-allergenic.

Certina DS Action Lady Powermatic 80 Review – Subtle diamond glisten in durable packaging
Certina DS Action Lady Powermatic 80 Review – Subtle diamond glisten in durable packaging

Excellent durability and classic beauty can also be found in the Certina DS Action Lady Automatic Diamonds C032.207.

On the dial, we find 8 diamonds instead of hour indexes. Of course, these are certified diamonds and each watch has its own authenticity certification card, so you can be sure that these are not so-called "conflict diamonds".

And that's no different with this mechanical beauty with its distinctive red strap and eleven diamonds.

And let's move on to the sportier diamond pieces. For the DS PH200M Lady, Certina involved female fans in the design of the watch and asked them in a public poll what kind of watch they wanted. And here's the result.

Certina DS PH200M C036. introduction, or what do women desire
Certina DS PH200M C036. introduction, or what do women desire

German brand Bruno Söhnle also chose a sporty look combining larger dimensions, stopwatches and diamonds weighing 0.005 ct.

Bruno Söhnle is a relatively new, smaller, modern brand born in Glasshütte, Germany, the birthplace of only eight watch brands in the world. Glasshütte is the centre of so-called high watchmaking, and when it comes to watches, the "Made in Glashütte" mark is not only a mark of origin, but also of quality.

A chronograph is essentially a stopwatch characterised by small sub-dials and two pushers on the side of the case. But what are we going to think, who tracks time with a watch these days? Yeah, no one's going to forbid you from using it to keep track of how long you've been boiling eggs or making tea, for example, for fun, but the truth is that it serves more of an aesthetic function (well, it just looks interesting, good and sporty chic).

But let's go back to Switzerland. The traditional brand Tissot has also conjured up a sparkling diamond spectacle.

The dial of the Tissot Le Locle features 12 diamonds weighing 0.0456 ct (carats). The diamonds are dominant on the watch and are not overpowered by the striking mother-of-pearl dial, which plays all colours in the light. And so it is with the Tissot PR 100 with a touch of sporty flair.

The mother-of-pearl and diamond strategy was also used by Swiss brand Hamilton on the tiny Hamilton Jazzmaster watch with a 26mm case diameter.

Small women
Small women's watches for tiny wrists – Photo Gallery

The Jazzmaster collection offers many really interesting designs for the ladies, but the classic diamond watches mostly stick to good old universal elegance. However, this does not mean that the watch is boring or unimpressive.

Hamilton is not afraid of bold designs. That's one of the reasons why they had earned countless roles on the wrists of actors in world-famous films and TV shows. Then, more recently, they put the watch design in the hands of Janie Briant, an Emmy Award-winning film costume designer. The result was some extraordinary retro pieces.

We're staying in Switzerland because it would be a sin to overlook Mido's delicate diamond beauty.

In addition to diamonds, Mido also offers watches with beautiful pink sapphires.

Swiss Made basically means that the watch was made or assembled in Switzerland, has a Swiss movement, at least 60% of the cost of production was Swiss and the final inspection was also done in Switzerland.

Perfect for the spring and summer months? Mido Baroncelli with diamonds and a colourful set of pastel straps to brighten up any outfit.

And finally – truly demanding women will certainly be attracted to the Frederique Constant Highlife Heart Beat watch, which features eight diamonds of 0.04 ct.


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