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17.5.2022 | 4 MIN

Who wouldn't know Michael Kors? The famous designer from the city that never sleeps has countless achievements in fashion. And it is admirable that his renown hasn't fallen since the 80s when he managed to break through and fulfill his dream. The New York style he offers is, without exaggeration, iconic, so it might be nice to look at the watches from his production. On the agendawomen's Michael Kors watches.

The New York style is inherently simple yet often difficult to grasp. If you do a little research, you'll find that the New Yorkers are stylish at first glance, but they don't walk in state-of-the-art clothes or high-fashioned but uncomfortable shoes. They are not precisely striking and "decorated," but at the same time, you will notice them very well. And what do they have in common? They can look groomed and, at the same time, completely casual. And this is exactly the essence of Michael Kors's accessories.

A simple casual outfit New Yorkers complete with at least one or two accessories that match perfectly. That's why Michael Kors watches have simple universal designs but with a wide range of color variants, especially when it comes to straps.

The most popular watches are from the Pyper collection. And to be honest, I am not surprised. Minimalist style, modern larger dimensions of 38 mm, and non-violent elegance of small stones hidden behind indices – everything complemented by multi-colored leather straps, the tone of which you can easily match with your favorite handbag. And voilà, a perfect accessory to almost any outfit.

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Glued-in indices and shiny hands, unobtrusive placement of gems, the brushed structure of the dial, plastic logo, and interesting ending of the second hand – that's how the brand says that details are what's important.

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TOP 6: Big and elegant women's watches

All of this is offered in elegant, balanced-looking pieces that do not lose their popularity. In short, a solid watch with a nice design and a reasonable price tag.

For the color of the metal, Michael Kors bets on the classic that perhaps each of us has in the jewelry box – yellow or rose gold, silver, and steel. Nothing wild.

Women's watches in rose gold – Photo gallery

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The watches are water-resistant, and they can handle splashes while washing your hands or any heavy rain that may catch you on your walk through the city.

Are you also one of those hasty rascals that don't really think about the "safety" of their watches and accidentally smash the watch once or twice (or ten times) or carelessly wipe the watch on some random surface that just gets in a way? You don't even have to be a bulldozer to get a scratch on your watch. Therefore the dial is protected by a mineral glass that is not a hundred percent unscratchable (but neither is any other glass, not even sapphire), but you will have to try hard to destroy it. Plus it is more resistant to breakage than sapphire.

Another popular watches are from the Ritz collection, in which you can find watches named after the luxury chain of American hotels. Sophisticated design based on a symmetrical distribution of glittering gems, shiny treatment, and special function of the stopwatch will appeal to women who prefer sporty elegance and larger watches.

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Do you know that beautiful old song in which angels have dinner at the Ritz? That leads me to the idea that despite the sporting element, the watch is so elegant and imaginative that it is perfect for a romantic dinner.

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Michael Kors watches are also a great gift. And we know from the feedback that it is difficult to disappoint with them. The simple, elegant look fits almost everyone.

The gift package looked beautiful, like a strater before the main course, that was the watch itself, which looks amazing, works just fine, and gives a high quality impression. The watch is elegant and perfect for a tiny woman. The cherry on top was the nice engraving that looks great and perfectly underlined the meaning of the gift. – Jirka

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And what if we look away from the design? What's inside the watch? Quartz (battery) movements that excel in practicality. They are durable and undemanding. All you have to do is replace the battery from time to time.

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All Michael Kors watches are manufactured by the Fossil Group. They are assembled in either Switzerland or China, with most watch movements being manufactured in Japan or China for export. Among the machines made in Japan is, for example, Miyota.

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Michael Kors is considered one of the best brands in the fashion industry and creates simple watches that are modern and stylishly casual. They can't offer any proud horological heritage, but Michael Kors fashion fans don't mind any of it. They embody the essence of a modern and especially relaxed lifestyle, which simply attracts. And that's what's so cool about them.

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