WE PICKED TOP 6: Women's watches set with diamonds

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7.7.2021 | 6 MIN

Diamonds – for some they represent radiant beauty and uniqueness, for others wealth...  And then there are people taking it just as an ordinary crystalline form of carbon... But let's focus on the "bright and special", which are also the feelings that diamonds can evoke for the women who adorn themselves with them. For that reason, we have decided to talk about six women's watches with diamonds and help men with finding the perfect gift, that would make their loved one feel as bright as the diamonds.

(1) Certina DS Action Precidrive COSC Chronometer Diamonds – Swiss precision, durability and elegance

Swiss Certina DS Chronometr Diamonds watch (in short, the full name also hurts my eyes) is decorated with a row of three diamonds with a weight of 0.0076 ct (carats).

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The watch is unique through many interesting elements. Let's start with the visible ones: the diamonds that protrude pretty nicely on the black surface of the dial, an elegant bicolor treatment in rose gold and silver, and a practical date indicator.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Features that, on the other hand, are not visible are no less important. They are hidden under the mysterious abbreviations COSC (certificate of accuracy) and DS (Double Security concept), which grant the watch Swiss precision and exceptional durability, thanks to which this diamond-studded elegant beauty can handle deep diving... Although I don't really expect any of the ladies to actually take the watch for a dive. ;)

What does COSC mean in the name of the wtach? Simply put, it is a certificate that is awarded only to the most accurate Swiss watches on the market. A watch marked with COSC has to meet the most strict accuracy standards: for mechanical watches, a running deviation of -4 to +6 s/day is allowed, for quartz watches, only 0.07 s/day. A COSC-certified watch is also called a chronometer.

There is also a silver version of the Certina Chronometr Diamonds model made of titanium, which is a suitable alternative for people with sensitive skin.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Titan is a hi-tech material that has many unique physical characteristics that watch companies likes: it is very light, strong, durable, non-corrosive and, most importantly –  anti-allergenic. Do you have sensitive skin that suffers from contact with nickel, which is found in commonly used steel? A good alternative might be this tatinium watch, consisting of 0% nickel, making it 100% anti-allergenic.

(2) Tissot Le Locle Automatic Lady – A Swiss mechanic watch with a pinch of diamond glitter

There are 12 diamonds with a weight of 0.0456 ct (carats) on a dial of the Tissot Le Locle Automatic Lady watch.

Compositionally, the diamonds are placed in index positions, and their purpose is not only to add beauty to the watch but also practicality – a watch with marked indices always has better readability. The readability is also supported by the seconds marking around the circumference of the dial. Diamonds are dominant on the watch and are not conquered by the otherwise striking pearl dial, which shows all colors in the light, or the interestingly designed shiny steel bracelet.

Le Locle is a mechanical watch with automatic winding and a power reserve of 38-40 hours due to the swiss movement.

Průhled na zdobený strojek skrz dýnko.

A view of a decorated movement through a caseback.

(3) Mido Baroncelli Lady Day Automatic – Elegance and flower design

The Mido Rainflower Automatic watch, boasting with the mark Swiss Made, has eight pink colored 0.0400 ct diamonds on its dial-

More interesting than the diamonds might be the elegant structure of the dial with an engraved flower pattern. The leafy hands are a nice detail which crowns the whole flower concept.


The steel bracelet gives out the touch of seriousness. When we turned the watch, there is a see-through case back showing the decorative mechanics of the movement.

WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women
WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women's watches for tiny wrists

Swiss Made basically means that the watch was manufactured or assembled in Switzerland, has a Swiss movement, at least 60% of the cost of the production was Swiss and the final inspection was also performed in Switzerland.

(4) Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Automatic – Nacre, flowers and diamonds

The Swiss Made Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Automatic watch is decorated with four diamonds in positions 3, 6, 9 and 12. But the truth is that diamonds are not the main thing that catches your attention.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The dial is dominated by the floral Open Heart piercing the nacre dial, which wraps the watch in soft milky light.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The watch surprises with a relatively sporty element: luminescence, which is squeezed into otherwise elegantly looking hands. And finally, through the transparent caseback it is possible to see the mechanical work of the movement with a great 80-hour power reserve.

(5) Tissot T-My Lady Automatic – A tiny urban watch

The Swiss Tissot T-My Lady Automatic watch with eight diamonds with 0,0160 ct are primarly intended for women who demand beauty and elegance as well as a certain practicality with which the watch can withstand all the traps of city life.

The background of the dial is made of real nacre, which is inherently non-replicable, so each nacre T-My Lady watch is unique. A beautiful play of light and color takes place on the dial, which is amplified by diamond sparks. Elegant features are protected by a durable steel case, a practically non-scratchable sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 100 M. With an almost jewelery diameter of 29 mm, T-My Lady will fit especially women with a small wrist.

WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women
WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women's watches for tiny wrists

The T-My Lady watch also comes with a spare leather strap in a decent creamy white color, which has a quack release system – so you can replace the strap in a few moments at home and without help.

Tissot T-My Lady - Delicate and subtle watches for the elegant minimalist Lady
Tissot T-My Lady - Delicate and subtle watches for the elegant minimalist Lady

A white leather strap is the most sensitive strap for maintenance – everyday wear will somehow be seen on it. You mught get it dirty somehow, you have a shirt that stains... And even if none of this happens, the strap will betray you in two years' tim as a contact with human sweat tends to turn the strap yellowish. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care: do not play sports with it, avoid humidity, do not leave it in direct sunlight, etc. But don't worry, when the time comes, we will be happy to help you exchange it for a new one at our store.

(6) Bruno Söhnle Armida Lady Quartz Chronograph – Sporty look for every day

Did you think watches with diamonds only have to be elegant, feminine, soft, sophisticated and so on? Then you might be surprised by the following watch: Bruno Söhnle Armida Lady Quartz Chronograph with twelve diamonds with the same weight of 0,005 ct.

The German Bruno Söhnle Armida clearly corresponds to classic analog sports watches: it has a chronograph, a bezel with a tachymetric scale, luminescent hands and quartz, which is a bit more practical for everyday movement than the automatic one would be. A watch like this might not be the best for high society, not even with the twelve beautiful diamonds that replaced indices. It is a watch for everyday wear, especially if the wearer owns other silver accessories.

A chronograph is basically a stopwatch, which is characterized by small sub-dials and two buttons on the side of the case. But why would we use a stopwatch on a watch nowadays? Well, nobody is going to forbid you to track time just for fun, how long you boil eggs or brew tea, but the truth is that it rather have an aesthetic function (well, they just look interesting, good and sporty chic).

And if you prefer accessories in black leather, there is also all-black Bruno Söhnle Armida Lady Quartz Chronograph.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Bruno Söhnle is relatively new, smaller modern brand, born in German Glasshütte, from where come only eight watchmaking brands in the world. Glasshütte is the center of so-called high watchmaking, and when it comes to watches, the "Made in Glashütte" mark means not only a designation of origin, but also a quality.

Six watches with diamonds, and each is a little different. Do you think any of them would interest your loved one?


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