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25.10.2023 | 3 MIN

White is the colour of purity and elegance. And that these qualities also apply to white watches? We think so, but you can see for yourself. Take a look at our photo gallery of pure white and elegant ladies watches, where you can also learn how to care for a white strap.

Simplicity and white is what attracts women to white watches. And the Guess brand understands women.

Just like Festina. It too has built its collection on appeal, and one of the proofs is the popular Festina Boyfriend.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The Boyfriends have minimalism down to a tee and are popular in perhaps every colourway.

However, Festina has one more white ace up its sleeve. And it doesn't rely on simplicity. The Only for Ladies watches are bold and creative, and the white colour just adds a lot of flair.

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The Ingersoll brand, which focuses on highly ornate watches, has prepared a delicate white model for romantic souls, with rhinestones made of cut crystal glass that reflect light beautifully. And if you focus on the sub-dial with a second hand, you'll get a fun surprise.

The white strap is the trickiest to maintain - everyday wear will take its toll. Wipe yourself on the bus, wear a T-shirt that stains... And even if you tell yourself that such things don't usually happen to you, a white strap will betray you in a year, because it tends to take on an ugly yellowish tone. How to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible, you will learn in this article.

JVD watches should not be missed by anyone who likes to take a look at what our Czech market has to offer.

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JVD wins fans primarily through affordability and simple, clear designs.

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And let's not run away from the Czech Republic just yet. Prim also has a lot to offer in the category of women's white elegance.

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The designs are full of subtlety and elegance. However, the emphasis is on refined details.

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And because many of us associate Prim with the Czech past, the brand has come up with a hilarious retro collection.

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Regardless of quality and color, leather is a natural material that is highly influenced by environmental factors. And since we wear the strap directly on our skin, the most common cause of yellowing is human sweat seeping into the strap. This is unfortunately the fate of every leather strap. A little help can be found in fitting the strap correctly on your wrist - not too tightly (but not too loosely either). Ideally, by placing your pinky finger between the underside of your wrist and the strap.

Looking to Switzerland, a Candino watch with reasonable specs at a great price tag and in an appealing white and gold design may be an interesting choice.

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In our opinion, one of the most beautiful white ladies' watches is the Swiss-made Certina DS-8 Moon Phase.

The dial, inlaid with genuine mother-of-pearl, can resemble clouds from certain angles, making the moon phase indicator not only an elegant but almost poetic detail. The warm, rose-gold hands stand out beautifully against the light background.

Apart from sweat, the leather strap is no friend to water or moisture. Leather contains oils that bind to water molecules when it gets wet. And when the water evaporates as it dries, it takes some of that oil with it. The skin can then start to crack, become brittle and lose its elasticity.

Hamilton also offers a unique beauty in white, offering its Jazzmasters with unique views of the movement through the dial to all lovers of mechanics.

The American brand Invicta also dares to reach for unconventional designs. The brand is simply not afraid to do things its own way.

Leather straps are also affected by factors such as excessive dryness, direct sunlight, dust and smoke, which not only help the strap to crack but also fade its colours. So if you were going to dry a damp strap with a hairdryer or by laying it in the sun, better not do it. I recommend letting the watch dry naturally, or putting it in dry rice to draw out the moisture.

We are taken to Japan by the Orient brand, which also has its say in the white ladies watches category.

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Unfortunately, with white strap watches, great beauty comes with responsibility. Even if you follow all of my advice on caring for a leather strap, it doesn't mean you'll have it on your watch forever. Leather will wear out for even the most caring owners and when the time comes, we'll be happy to help you replace it with a new one in store.


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