WE PICKED TOP 6: Strictly white and elegant women's watches

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24.6.2021 | 5 MIN

White is a color of purity and elegance. Do these characteristics work for white watches as well? In our opinion, yes, but you can see for yourself. We picked six strictly white and elegant women's watches.

(1) Festina Mademoiselle Swarovski – Tiny watch and dazzling glitter

The Festina Mademoiselle Swarovski watch is a good choice for all the ladies looking for a decent and elegant jewelry in a form of a watch.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The watch is especially interesting for its dial as the center of the dial is literally covered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The stones made of cut crystal glass beautifully reflect the light and together with the white leather strap evoke the shimmer of freshly fallen snow. The slim steel hands look inconspicuous, which makes the decorated look of the dial undisturbed. This Festina has a smaller dimensions of 31 mm and thus fit women with narrower wrists.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

A white strap is sensitive for maintenance - everyday wear will somehow be seen on it. You might touch something on a bus, you might have a t-shirt that colors... And even if you think that such things don't usually happen to you, the white strap will betray you in a year, because it tends to go into an ugly yellow tone. How to take care of it so that it will last as long as possible will be in parts discused in this article.

(2) Festina Boyfriend – Minimalism in white

Simplicity and stylish purity are brought to our selection by the Festina Boyfriend watch with minimalist dial. The Boyfriend collection is based on an idea that many women prefer their partner's watches. On that thought, it introduces men's style design elements into women's watches.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

And so the watches received menly classicism without any decorative elements. For women's watches, the Boyfriends have a larger diameter (38 mm), which makes the white surface of the dial, containing only muted silver indices, stand out even more. A clean white strap without stitching also aids with the simplicity.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Regardless of quality and color, leather is a natural material that is highly influenced by environmental factors. And because we wear the strap directly on our skin, the most common cause of yellowing is human sweat, which seeps into the strap. That is unfortunately a destiny of every leather strap. A correct fastening of the strap on the wrist might help a little – not too tight (but not too lose either). Ideally, that you put your pinky finger between your wrist and the strap.

(3) Certina DS Podium Lady Quartz Precidrive – Swiss Made quality and great readability

Another watch we picked is the Swiss Certina DS Podium Lady Quartz Precidrive. The Certina brand is one of the oldest watch companies in the world, and the watches they release to the world always have high durability and accuracy. Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Certina is appreciated by wearers who prefer classic pieces. Which is a charasteristic that might sound a little dull. But don't worry, the white look adds a spark and vim. And finally, their (in my opinion) biggest plus: the robust dark hands and large Arabic numerals stand out on the silver cut dial, which make the watch a suitable piece for those who prefer a well-readable watches in the style of "I look and I see".

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

In addition to sweat, water and humidity are not friends with leather straps either. The leather contains oils, which binds molecules of water. And as the water evaporates, it takes some of the oil with it. The leather then might start to crack and lose elasticity.

(4) Prim Czech team 2020 – A reminder of the unusual year of the Olympics

Prim Czech team 2020 watch designed in cooperation with the Czech Olympic Committee, is fulfilling a bit of a sad fate this year, reminiscent of the Olympics, which could not take place.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

On the other hand, this Prim has acquired a certain historical uniqueness, which might not be bad. The watch is also more minimalist, which is a style that suits a white watch very much. Geometric numbers and straight silver hands stand out on the clean surface of the dial and harmonize nicely with the visual simplicity.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Leather straps are also affected by factors like excessive dryness, direct sunlight, dust and smoke. These factors make the strap to crack and to fade its colors. So if you wanted to dry a damp strap with a hair dryer or by placing it in the sun, you better not do it. I recommend letting the watch dry naturally, or put it in dry rice.

(5) Tissot Couturier – Swiss tradition and eye-catching style

The Tissot Couturier watch is an interesting design piece from the traditional Tissot brand, which offers high quality, Swiss Made and whose watches fit into an affordable middle price class.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

That stylish uniqueness lies in the unusually designed dial with a decorative connection of the indices of six engraved circles. Another thing that makes this Couturier so attractive is the lacquered quilted strap with an embossed pattern. And although the watch is pure in color, styled in white and silver, it looks very vivid.

(6) Festina Ceramic – And if you don't want any leather?

For the Festina Ceramic watch, the designers put their money on an unusual material – ceramics.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz
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Shiny ceramics embedded in surgical steel always give a very clean and discreet impression. An advantage is, that in comparasion to leather, it doesn't get dirty that easily. The dial of the watch is additionally fitted with twelve zircons, whose crystal-cool shimmer underlines the effect of formal purity.

Unfortunately, a watch with a white strap comes also with responsibility. Even if you follow all of the advices on how to treat the leather strap, it doen't mean it will last forever. Leather wears out even with professional care, but when the time comes, we will be happy to help you replace it with a new one at our store.


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