WE PICKED TOP 6: Small women's watches for tiny wrists

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9.7.2021 | 4 MIN

I know this problem very well: most of the watches are somehow too big, you close the unduly thick strap as tightly as possible and the dial covering your whole wrist stands out like a sore thumb. The number of female costumers who experience similar feelings of frustration is not small. So I have decided to find the best small watches with diameter of up to 31 mm and by doing that, make life easier for women with small wrists... (Well, or at least a choice).

(1) Festina Swiss Made – A native Spaniard with Swiss citizenship

One of my most favourite small women's watch is Festina Swiss Made. The question is, apart from the pleasant diameter of 29 mm, why?

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

I guess it is because the designers from Festina chose a very powerful formula: Swiss Made, timeless look and very reasonable price.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The watch has a simple and classic design with an intriguing structured center of the dial, which together with the sapphire crystal and the black leather strap give the watch a scent of seriousness. The watch is impressive at both, at important events, where you want to maintain the highest social decor, and at a business meeting.

Swiss Made in short means that the watch was manufactured or assembled in Switzerland, has a Swiss movement, at least 60% of the cost of its production was Swiss and the final inspection was also performed in Switzerland.

Do you prefer a watch on a metal bracelet? You might like Festina Swiss Made with an interesting, deep blue dial and a diameter of 29 mm.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

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(2) Boccia Titanium – A watch that is gentle to a sensitive skin

This Boccia Titanium jewelry with a diameter of 29 mm is from the case to the bracelet made of titanium, a hi-tech material, which gives the watch several unique abilities.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz
135,00 € in stock

The first thing that strikes you when you try a titanium watch is how light it is. "I don't even feel that I have a watch on my wrist!" I heard from a few customers. However, the most important is the hypoallergenicity of this material, which makes titanium watches a great alternative for those who do not tolerate nickel on their skin (which is also found in the 316L stainless surgical steel from which most watches are made). As a plus, the watch is elegant and appreciated mostly by women, who prefer small gold accessories

(3) Bering Classic – Danish minimalism

My personal favorite is the Danish Bering Classic watch, which caught my eye with the northern clean look and a diameter of 31 mm.

180,00 € in stock

The dark blue color has a calming effect and, against the background of a simple dial, evokes the illusion of a view of the Arctic Ocean, the surface of which is not disturbed by any indices or numbers that would spoil the impression.

The slim white hands create a nice contrast on the darker dial, thanks to which the watch is relatively easy to read. The thing that makes the case special is the elongated shape of the lugs with an inserted Milan bracelet made of fine steel.

(4) Citizen Elegant Eco-Drive – Japanese powered by light

The tiny 30 mm Citizen Elegant Eco-Drive is a watch ticking due to the famous solar Eco-Drive power, which gives them one useful privilege.

It is the fact, that you don't ever have to change the battery of a solar-powered watch because it's powered by sunlight - and there is more. For an Eco-Drive watch to last the whole day, even a few minutes stay in artificial light is enough. And that's the true beauty – it can convert any light into energy and when fully charged it can last in complete darkness for six months. If it somehow happens to you, that the watch discharges (eg if you leave it lying in a dark drawer for half a year), to get it fully charged, all you have to do is leave it under a lamp for a day. That's all, no worries.

In addition, this Citizen meets the requirement of small women's watches, which could delight the aesthetic feeling of many ladies. The combination of the classic white dial and warm tones of pink and gold looks pleasant and sophisticated.

Eco-Drive is an abbreviation of  "Ecology Drive", which was chosen because of the ecological origin of the whole concept. It is a technology that obtains energy for the operation of the watch even from low light and stores its excess in the battery. Eco-Drive is typical for the Citizen brand as it can be found in 90% wathes, which batteries do not need to be replaced since it is harmful to the environment when disposed of.

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(5) Citizen Elegant Eco-Drive Radio Controlled – Fine, feminine and functional

Citizen Elegant Eco-Drive Radio Controlled watch (with a diameter of 30 mm) is a solar-powered watch, that on top of all received a radio-controlled accuracy.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Fine, feminine and functional – the radio-controlled watch is equipped with an automatic time and date synchronization function that takes place every night.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

So you can never miss something because your watch were late. It's charm is increased by a bicolor silver and rose gold treatment, a veiled pink dial and fragile leaf hands that glow in the dark.

(6) Festina Mademoiselle Swarovski – Tiny watch and dazzling glitter

Festina Mademoiselle Swarovski watch with a diameter of 31 mm is a good choice for ladies who are looking for a decent and elegand jewelery in a form of a watch.

The watch is especially interesting for its dial as the center of the dial is literally covered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The stones made of cut crystal glass beautifully reflect the light and together with the fine steel bracelet create a very elegant impression. The slim steel hands are inconspicuous and ensure that the decorated look of the dial is undisturbed.

So, ladies with tiny wrists, did you find the right one for you?


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