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15.11.2023 | 5 MIN

Do you know which colour of metal is the hottest in the fashion world right now? It's rose gold, or a warm copper color with a pink tone that's trending everywhere you look... Even beyond the realm of jewelry and fashion accessories. That's why we've put together a selection of fashionable women's watches in rose gold.

Stylish purity and pleasant simplicity were brought to our selection by the Festina Boyfriend watch, which, with its unchallenging design elements, approaches the style of men's social watches.

This is also where the name of the Boyfriend collection comes from, referring to the fact that many women prefer watches with a more simple and masculine style.

When and where did the current rose gold trend start? Unofficially, it is said that the pink mania was born in 2015, when the rising ranks of Internet influencers absolutely "hyped" the then new, rose-gold iPhone 6S series from Apple (which, of course, they had to match their entire appearance). Since then, the trend wave has not only been washing over the accessories and jewellery sector, but has also been visible in interior design and automotive design. And according to the editors at Vogue, it's unlikely to leave us anytime soon.

Good readable ladies watches up to 420 EUR – Photo gallery
Good readable ladies watches up to 420 EUR – Photo gallery

Another pink treasure in Festina's range is the Mademoiselle watch, studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

With its beautiful ornamentation and delicate, minimalist dial, the Mademoiselle is a true jewel.

Fashion brand Gant offers watches that are versatile, minimalist and all-round elegant.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

However, according to WGSN (a New York-based trend forecasting company), the onset of rose gold mania occurred before the famous pink iPhone itself. In fact, rose gold jewellery and accessories started appearing as early as 2012 in the fashion creations of famous designers such as Jimmy Choo and Robert Cavali. These were followed by other fashion designers, home accessories designers (Tom Dixon) and others...

Where else to look for a successful fashion trend than with fashion brands? That's why you'll also find a diverse pink range at Michael Kors.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The rose gold trend was running wild in the fashion and influencer space, which eventually resulted in the declaration of rose gold as the so-called Pantone Colour of the Year in 2016. Since then, rose gold has set the prevailing tone for fashion shows, home design and especially weddings and similar events officially. This is how a true canonized trend emerges.

Michael Kors photo gallery of women
Michael Kors photo gallery of women's watches – New York style icon

Michael Kors is a New York style icon and knows very well what to wear – a larger watch in a minimalist style and – of course – in rose gold. That's the Pyper collection.

The sophisticated design will appeal to women who prefer sporty elegance and larger watches. And that's no different with the Parker collection.

The Guess brand also boasts originality and sophisticated designs.

Guess Jewelry Review – Clear Elegance
Guess Jewelry Review – Clear Elegance

Guess doesn't exactly indulge in minimalism, and it's safe to say that their watches are simply their own.

82,60 € unavailable

They are popular with women who want to stand out in society.

159,00 € in stock

Women's Guess Watches – Gallery of the most beautiful

In the following years, other colors were declared the Color of the Year, and the decline of the rose gold trend was widely expected. But it didn't happen, and according to surveys, it is almost as popular as it was in 2016. And how is this possible? Because of a phenomenon referred to as "Millennial pink" (millennials refer to a generation that has grown up surrounded by modern technology and are typically communicating via social media).

And you'll definitely be unmissable with an Invicta watch, a brand famous for its playful and original designs that won't escape the attention of any of your friends or colleagues.

Women who like watches with a dose of playfulness will immediately go crazy for them. But that doesn't take away from their practicality.

Although you might not know it at first glance from the photo, this watch is no fragile flower. Instead, they're a hefty hunk of steel, so expect to feel their weight on your wrist.

This gives the customer the perfect combination of romantic design with increased durability, which is guaranteed by the increased water resistance from 50, but most often 100 M, and a solid mineral crystal with a sapphire coating.

Invicta Angel – Photo gallery of angel watches from Invicta
Invicta Angel – Photo gallery of angel watches from Invicta

"Millennial pink" is without exaggeration a pop culture phenomenon, and according to the famous fashion magazine Marie Clair, it came about because pink and rose-gold are simply colours that flatter the "perfect" atmosphere of influencer Instagram photos, which are meant to appear "pinker" than reality. And what's trending on Instagram now is also trending in the official fashion world. The direction of fashion influencing has become somewhat mixed in the contemporary world. But that's why rose-gold hasn't gone out of fashion yet, even though it was initially predicted to.

You've probably already chosen the colour of your watch, but perhaps you're dealing with another issue – like making the watch easy to read, or making it suitable for sensitive skin with an allergy to the nickel found in commonly used steel. The German Boccia Titanium has a solution that will meet all your requirements.

115,00 € (delivery by 7.6.)

They makes watches from titanium, which is completely anti-allergenic. In addition, the watch is very minimalistic and elegant. In practice, you probably won't find an outfit that they wouldn't go with. Perhaps only for a tracksuit in a gym.

If good readability or anti-allergenicity are your main criteria, look at other options:

Good readable ladies watches up to 420 EUR – Photo gallery
Good readable ladies watches up to 420 EUR – Photo gallery

Rose gold watch, but preferably solar-powered? This is what the Japanese brand Citizen, which is considered a technological giant in the watchmaking world, offers. Moreover, the models are always purely elegant, subtly decorated and with Eco-Drive, i.e. powered by light.

300,00 € (delivery by 10.6.)

The running reserve when the battery is fully charged is half a year, and they only need a few minutes in the light each day for normal operation.

Citizen is also thinking of the lovers of tiny square watches, whose popularity is making a comeback.

Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery
Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery

And who craves a luxury small jewel with Swiss pedigree? The petite Tissot Lovely with its cut glass will light up any social evening.

Beautiful, but you're reaching for the classic gold? Take inspiration from our selection of the most popular women's gold watches:

Photo Gallery of Golden Women
Photo Gallery of Golden Women's Watches


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