TOP 6: Most popular men's chronographs (up to 400 €)

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9.6.2021 | 6 MIN

According to my observations so far, there are two groups of men's sports watches, which men have a big problem resisting. The first group are grebes, even though they do not plan to dive with them. And the other is chronographs. And even here, only one in ten owners will use a stopwatch in real life. We often (and gladly) pay attention to diving models, so why not look at the most popular men's chronographs with a price tag of up to 400 euro.

(1) Casio Edifice ECB-900

The Casio Edifice ECB-900 model is an absolute bestseller. Not only in the Edifice series. And no wonder why. The design is modern, the colour accents and transitions are imaginative, but at the same time nothing eccentric. Simply men's sports watch for every day. And that's exactly what you not only expect from Edifice, but most importantly what you need. And if we look at the popular price-performance ratio, there is nothing to complain about.

The analog-digital time display is clear, in addition, it can display the day of the week/date/seconds on the dial. There is no lack of luminescence, but more importantly, two LEDs for great readability at night. And practicality is really key of the ECB-900: the watch has five alarm clocks, you can stop the individual rounds and save the results. And best of all: you can make all the settings on your phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity (with which you can also find the watch).

You can choose from several colourful versions. Blue and red wins in popularity but the model with gold accents is in tight race. In addition, we are talking about a well-balanced watches. Big enough for a good chrono, but still just enough not to discourage the owner of smaller wrists. And last but not least, they are powered by Tough Solar. So no battery replacement, all functions are powered by the light.

Casio Edifice is a line of sports watches inspired by motor racing. That's why you will find stopwatches in the vast majority of models. Edifice is even the official partner of the F1 Scuderia Toro Rosso team, the junior F1 Red Bull Racing team. The main advantages include a modern look, quality craftsmanship, many interesting functions and great price diversity.

(2) Festina Titanium Chronograph

Festina Titanium Chronograph is a novelty from 2020. It immediately gained popularity and, therefore, place in our selection.

If you are looking for a titanium watch that will lighten your wrist, you will usually go to Japanese brands or the German Boccii Titanium. But Festina managed to bring sports design, (for me) also surprisingly good craftsmanship and titanium construction.

As an unexpected bonus, especially in the price of around seven thousand, there is a sapphire crystal. Festina's ability to create a universal, yet modern-looking watch never ceases to amaze me. Among the advantages of Festina watches are countless variants of the given model, thanks to which you can choose the ideal combination.

Festina has a varied history. It started as a traditional Swiss brand, but since the 1980s it has transformed into a dynamic brand focusing on affordable and fashionable watches. Its talent for bringing long-standing bestsellers can be the envy of many other brands.

(3) Tissot Chrono XL Classic

A traditional Swiss like Tissot must be exceptional in comparison to its competitors. And it is. The Tissot Chrono XL excels in its craftsmanship and - considering that we are talking about chronographs with several sub-digits - perfect readability. That is due inclusion of Arabic numbers and contrasting hands, which do not lack luminescence.

They are also interesting with their ETA movement G10.212 with an accuracy of ± 10 seconds per year. The stopwatch measures a maximum of 30 minutes with an accuracy of 1/10 second. The design is based on the Tissot Gent XL, but the case has grown a bit to 45 mm and the final finish is perfect for all variants in its price category.

Luminiscence u Tissot Chrono XL.

Tissot Chrono XL luminiscence.

If our selection mixes a sporty and elegant character with a premium feeling somewhere, then with Tissot. Here you can see that this is not a momentary fashion fad and you do not need dozens of functions for practicality. I only miss two things to perfection. Antireflex on sapphire crystal for better readability in the sun and precise matching of the second hand with indexes. But for their special charm and especially the great readability, I forgive them.

Tissot is one of the most famous traditional Swiss watch brands. The history began in 1853 and today it is part of the Swatch Group. It is definitely close to the sports industry. As an official partner, we can meet the Tissot logo at competitions such as the Moto GP, Tour de France or the NBA.

(4) Citizen Sports Eco-Drive CA069

Two models fought for a place at Citizen. Periwinkle-green Eco-Drive CA442 and the busier design Eco-Drive Sports CA069. After all, it is the energetic pilots with an azimuthal scale which have earned their place on today's list.

252,00 € (delivery by 27.6.)

I think that the complexity of the dial makes them so attractive to many men. Arabic numerals do not indicate hours, but, as is customary for pilot models, minutes. And even though there is a lot going on in the dial, they don't stop being easy to read. This is, after all, another typical feature of pilot models.

But the final success is added by the black PVD modification of some variants. While the side edges of the case are matte, the bezel is polished. A combination that increases the emotional value of the watch. Despite the 44 mm case, it has a smaller impression thanks to the inner bezel and beveled chapter ring. This is enhanced by the two colour shades of the dial. Finally, I must not forget to mention that this is a solar-powered watch, so there is no need to worry about replacing the battery.

The Japanese Citizen is famous for several watchmaking milestones. One of the biggest is the first watch with a titanium case - and its Super Titanium is still one of the top materials. In 1976, Citizen came up with the first Crystron Solar Cell solar watch and also used solar energy for the world's first watch with GPS time synchronization.

(5) Wenger Urban Classic Quartz Chronograf Day Date

For a long time one of the most popular models in the world of men's watches. Here, Festina found a recipe for how to match men's tastes.


There is probably no need to describe the watch that much, as it is simply likable. The leather strap adds on elegance, and the chronograph some sporty sparkles. The watch includes a water resistance of 50 meters – not enough for swimming, but great for normal daily use. It looks good with a T-shirt, but it won't disappoint even at casual social events.

(6) Diesel Mega Chief

Really robust - style and parameters. Diesel is aimed at those of you who want to feel the real weight of a good piece of steel on your wrist. The most popular model is this giant from the Mega Chief DZ4329 stable. Large dimensions are compensated by a muted shade of gray. Thanks to this, they remain unmissable, but in a stylish way.

250,00 € in stock

Diesel is a well-known fashion brand that is not afraid to sell its name. It is quite far from traditional watchmaking, but the watch definitely does not lack a modern look. The typical slide holder adds a specific charge to all models in the Only the brave collection. And it must be said that this is quite an accurate slogan.

The Diesel fashion brand is a bit of dream come true for its founder Renza Rosso. From a small village in Italy, it has become one of the most famous fashion manufacturers since the late 1970s. Today, the products include not only jeans, but also sportswear, glasses, perfumes and, of course, watches. The design is designed by themselves in Diesel, and the watch is characterized by robust cases. In recent years, Diesel has also begun to flirt with the smartwatch industry.

So which ones appealed most to you? Or are you looking for something else? Go through the entire offer of men's watches, you may find that it is not a problem to choose, but rather to choose only one.


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