WE PICKED 6 OF THE BEST: Women's classic sports watches

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7.12.2023 | 5 MIN

Are you the type of woman who prefers to put on sneakers instead of pumps in the morning and a simple, sportier look is simply closer to you? So today we have prepared a selection of six women's sports watches for you, which focus not only on appearance, but above all on practicality, durability and "unprecedented" design.

(1) Citizen Elegant Ladies Eco-Drive Radio Controlled

The Citizen Elegant Ladies Eco-Drive Radio Controlled watch is a definite favorite in today's category and no wonder. Their uniqueness in the world of women's watches speaks for itself. Adjusting the time using a radio signal has always been the prerogative of men's watches. However, the popularity of women's Citizen Radio Controlled shows that women also care about the practical side and are not intimidated by the number of functions and gadgets that may seem more complicated at first.

Women's Citizen Radio Controlled will be appreciated by women who don't want to worry about a watch. Thanks to the reception of the radio signal, the watch always automatically adjusts the time to the exact second and also switches itself from winter to summer time (and vice versa). Furthermore, they have Eco-Drive solar power, thanks to which they tighten a number of functions and, moreover, there is no need to change the battery.

The perpetual calendar function ensures that the watch will always show the correct date (it recognizes whether the month ends on the 30th, 31st or 28th day), and many will also be pleased with the alarm clock function or the possibility of tracking the time in another time zone.

"The watch is absolutely great. The store service and communication is excellent. We had a dedication engraved on the back. Everything looks really amazing. Thank you very much." Anna, 28/10/2020.

And although Citizen prioritized functionality here, it certainly didn't neglect design. The watch appeals with sporty elegance and imaginative details in the form of orange accents and a radial dial. Thanks to the robust construction, the watch is 100M water resistant and you will also be pleased with the sapphire glass, which is virtually scratch-resistant.

V oblíbenosti si s nimi nezadá ani druhá barevná varianta – Citizen Elegant Ladies Eco-Drive Radio Controlled v celostříbrném provedení a s fialovými akcenty.

Not even the second color variant – Citizen Elegant Ladies Eco-Drive Radio Controlled in all-silver design with purple accents – is as popular as them.

(2) Certina DS Action Lady

Women's watches with a diving design, which would not only be for show, are like saffron. However, the Swiss brand Certina makes no compromises in this regard and pays attention to functionality and reliability even in purely women's pieces. As an example for all, we reached for the Aqua model line (intended for lovers of water and diving) for the Certina DS Action Lady Quartz Precidrive COSC Chronometer watch.

At a more subtle 34mm and a beautifully decorated emerald dial with a sculpted wave design, it might seem like an elegant watch for a cocktail dress rather than a diver to brave the depths of the sea. However, these possibilities are not excluded at Certin. The design and construction correspond to the traditional diving style, which is dominated by a unidirectional rotating bezel and large, easy-to-read indexes with luminescence. There is also an above-standard water resistance up to 300 M and a sapphire crystal with a double-sided anti-reflective coating.

Certina DS PH200M C036. introduction, or what do women desire
Certina DS PH200M C036. introduction, or what do women desire

What does the sign Chronometer mean? This is a title that can only be held by extremely precise watches whose movement has been certified by the independent Swiss institute COSC. Inside the Certina DS Action Lady there is an extremely accurate quartz (battery) movement called Precidrive, which excels with an accuracy of +/- 10 seconds per year (and 0.07 seconds per day), and is thus 8-10 times more accurate than ordinary quartz movements . The watch is also equipped with a set of measures to increase resistance – the Double Security (DS) concept.

Women's Certina watches: Photo gallery of the most beautiful ones

(3) Casio G-Shock GMA-2100

There are more and more classic G-Shocks in women's versions, and that's a good thing. The most popular are clearly the GMA-S2100, also known as "Mini CasiOak".

But don't look for compromises in functionality with the "girly" version of G-Shocks either. Inside is the same module (you'll find a classic stopwatch, automatic calendar, countdown timer, alarm, world time), 200M water resistance and of course extreme shock resistance.

(4) Certina DS PH200M Lady

The Certina PH200M Lady watch was a response to a public poll in which Certina asked women about the perfect watch and what they would want from it. And wonder of the world, women knew it.

The result was no incoherent mish-mash, but a beautiful and in all respects durable watch. Sapphire glass, 200M water resistance, ceramic bezel, sporty-retro design – and all of this is underlined by the elegance of diamonds and mother-of-pearl.

Certina DS PH200M C036. introduction, or what do women desire
Certina DS PH200M C036. introduction, or what do women desire

(5) Prim Rally Dakar Ollie

The Czech brand Prim has been creating watches for the famous Dakar Rally race for more than a decade. However, it was only recently that she also ventured into the women's version for the first time. Such a unique watch (also in a limited edition), which was created in collaboration with Olga "Ollie" Roučková – the first Czech woman to complete the Dakar race, could not be missing from our selection: Prim Dakar Quartz Chronograph A Rally Dakar Ollie 2022.

Striking colors in dynamic contrast, intricately layered dial, 100M water resistance, stopwatch, tachymetric scale (showing average speed) and above all the dominant Dakar logo... In short, the watch exudes amazing racing energy, don't you think? In addition, the special shade of fuchsia nobly draws attention to the fight against breast cancer.

Fuchsia on the women's Rally Dakar Ollie 2022 watch refers to the color of the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer Foundation.

(6) Tissot Seastar 1000 – First in ladies (or unisex) version

These divers were a real gem for me when they were released. No frills, no compromises – this watch is simply a smaller version of the classic men's Seastar 1000, with which you don't have to worry about the depths of the sea.

First "Women
First "Women's" Tissot Seastar − Dipping into my piggy bank for it?

The size is a pleasant 36 mm. The dial is protected by a durable sapphire crystal and as the name Seastar 1000 suggests, water resistance up to 1000ft (ie 300M) is a must here. After all, just like perfect legibility and excellent luminescence.


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