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Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

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3.10.2022 | 5 MIN

It's angular, it's graceful, and it ticks. What is it? Of course it's Tissot Lovely Square! A watch that is truly loved and in so many colors that the eyes run cannot get enough. And this jewel in the form of a watch definitely deserves its own photo gallery.

Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery
Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery

Two kinds of women

In my experience so far, there are two groups of women in approach to this watch. The first finds this tiny watch in a square case irresistibly understated and magical.

This first group of women immediately stops at the Lovely Square display case and decides to try them on. And as soon as they find out how original and elegant they look on their hands, they resolutely or subtly express their desire to own one.

The other group of women sees nothing in them that would be worth talking about and dismisses them by saying: those are awfully tiny, aren't they? If you belong to the second group, they will immediately refer you to a whole range of beautiful watches in larger sizes or in a typical round design.

Photo gallery of the most beautiful ladies watches
Photo gallery of the most beautiful ladies watches

TOP 6: Big and elegant women
TOP 6: Big and elegant women's watches

But if there is a possibility that you will eventually find out that (even though you did not expect it at all) you belong to the first group and the Tissot Lovely Square model caught your attention in a surprising way, feel free to continue to today's photo gallery. I will reveal practical information and we will also philosophize slightly about the elusive interest of the trend of small and angular watches.

What do you need to know

Let's start with the practical information. The Lovely Square collection is truly one of the smallest watches. The parameters also correspond to this, where the diameter is 20 mm and the thickness is 7.1 mm. At first glance, they may seem quite thick, but this is more of an optical illusion due to the small diameter.

Inside is an ETA 901.001 quartz movement, i.e. a regular battery movement that needs to be replaced once in a while.

It's a shame that the model only has a basic water resistance of 30M, but it should be more than enough for normal contact with water, such as hand washing, splashes, ambient humidity or rain. And anyway, you probably don't plan on measuring the time it takes to complete the length of the pool on this watch...

Of course, the glass is sapphire, which is the most scratch-resistant watch you can get. The watch also surprises with quite good legibility, that is - considering the smaller dimensions. Lovely Square is offered in several variants, differing primarily in the colored PVD treatment of the steel case and, where applicable, inlays. Some have only simple indices, others tiny diamonds.

The straps are either made of synthetic leather (at Tissot they think of animals) or of fine steel mesh, which perhaps gives the watch an even more decent character.

Another specific matter is the so-called Summer Set, where Tissot put together a watch in a heart box and three replacement colored straps.

And thanks to the quick fastening method, when you don't need additional tools or men's DIY to change the straps, you can conjure up a different watch every time and match it interestingly with the current outfit. But don't let the summer name fool you. Although they are cheerful colors, I think they will be suitable all year round.

Animal attraction

Not so long ago, a nice couple came to the store. The man was proudly carrying the feature-packed novelty Garmin Fenix ​​7X, while the lady was more focused on the aesthetic aspect of things. She didn't come to get the watch, she was only in the role of valuable opinion of her partner that day. Little did she know that she would succumb to the almost animalistic attraction of Leopard Lovely Square.

Yes, despite its small size, this watch immediately caught her eye. At first she only tried them on. But she didn't come to get the watch, so they left together with thanks. It didn't even take a quarter of an hour and she came for the model with the leopard strap - if she didn't come right away, she said she would come in a few days anyway. This is how you save time. Simply love at the first sight. True story.

Among the exotic patterns, Tissot chose leopard, zebra and giraffe. I'm not usually a big fan of these safari straps, but I have to admit that these ladies fit like they were designed just for her. And I know that there are many such women who know exactly what they want and what suits them. And these small, but certainly noticeable, models will find their customers without blinking a giraffe's eye.

Diamonds are forever. In any size.

I always remember Moulin Rouge and the courtesan Satine singing about diamonds. Although Marilyn Monroe sang about them being a woman's best friend, right? Oh yes, I remember her pink dress and sexy blonde look. And has anything changed since then? Probably not. When you say that word, even the surrounding air starts to sparkle. Diamonds.

Women's watches set with diamonds – Photo Gallery

Tissot chooses small but unmistakable diamonds for some Lovely Square models. And I mean unquestionable in terms of origin and quality. No black market or doubts about origin or quality. They are really small, but even with 12 diamonds on the dial, the price hovers around the four hundred mark. What more could you wish for than a feeling of luxury that is available?

Women's watches with diamonds up to 500 EUR – Photo gallery

Who will a small watch fit the most?

There is an opinion that small watches are especially suitable for thin hands. This is so that ladies with a larger girth do not visually enlarge their wrists unnecessarily. I don't have the courage to put myself in the role of a judge, let alone an esthete. But it's quite possible that square watches dispel this myth to some extent.

Small women
Small women's watches for tiny wrists – Photo Gallery

Tissot T-My Lady - Delicate and subtle watches for the elegant minimalist Lady
Tissot T-My Lady - Delicate and subtle watches for the elegant minimalist Lady

According to my experience, they fit precisely those women who know how to wear them. This light retro, which is becoming fashionable again, is simply timeless in its shapes, and the larger wrist has the ability to soften at times, while the narrow hands acquire an ethereal delicacy with small watches.

The inspiration was the models from the 1960s, when small and angular watches were common for women. Oversize watches actually only came into being recently and their trend is definitely not going away. However, square shapes and smaller sizes are once again coming to the fore across brands.

But it would be a mistake to say that they are for everyone. Even wrist size has its limits. And this two-by-two-centimeter model was really aimed mainly at smaller wrists, which corresponds to the maximum watch circumference of up to 17 cm for leather models and roughly 18.5 cm for steel bracelets. So if you have a larger wrist, I wouldn't recommend Lovely Square for that reason alone.

In any case, they are a specific model with which you have to feel that it is the right square. Only with your own confidence will they look truly perfect.

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