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15.11.2023 | 4 MIN

Are most modern watches a bit too big for you, do you fasten the strap as tightly as possible and larger watches just don't flatter you? Believe me, there are many of you. So we decided to find the best small watches with a diameter of up to 31 mm, in an attempt to make life easier for women who prefer smaller watches... (Well, or at least the choice).

The Festina Swiss Made collection is a popular, more affordable option with a perfect price/performance ratio.

146,00 € in stock

In addition to the pleasant diameter of 29 mm, the designers from Festina chose a very effective formula: Swiss Made, timeless appearance and a very favorable price.

146,00 € in stock

The watch has a simple and classic design with a seriousness stamp. And the practically unscratchable sapphire glass is the icing on the cake.

182,00 € in stock

This watch will stand out at important events where you want to maintain the ultimate in social decor, as well as at a business meeting.

146,00 € in stock

In short, Swiss Made means that the watch was made or assembled in Switzerland, has a Swiss movement, at least 60% of the costs of its production were Swiss and the final inspection was also carried out in Switzerland.

And the Swiss Made is not the only small-scale success offered by Festina.

The glittering Mademoiselle will add an elegant touch to any outfit.

They are understated, minimalistic and in the style of jewellery. Crystals around the dial only emphasize the natural beauty.

They reach a diameter of 30 mm.

An interesting addition was also the retro models, for which the small size is typical.

Ladies looking for small dimensions, elegant design and practicality should certainly not miss the Citizen brand. Most of their watches are just a maximum of 31mm and what is more important – they are equipped with the famous Eco-Drive solar drive, which gives them one useful privilege.

With a solar-powered watch, you never have to change the battery because it's powered by sunlight – and not just that. In fact, an Eco-Drive watch only needs a few minutes in artificial light to last a day.

321,00 € (delivery by 10.7.)

And that's the great thing about them, they can convert any light into energy and can last up to six months in complete darkness on a full charge.

If your watch should happen to run out of power (e.g. if you leave it in a dark drawer for six months), you can just leave it under a lamp (which doesn't heat up) all day to fully recharge it.

That's it, no worries.

Women's watches in rose gold – Photo gallery

Eco-Drive is short for "Ecology Drive", chosen because of the ecological origins of the concept. It is a technology that extracts energy to run the watch even from low light and stores the excess in a battery. The Eco-Drive is typical of the Citizen brand and is found in 90% of their watches, which do not need to replace batteries that are harmful to the environment when disposed of.

Check out other Citizen Eco-Drive women's watches with a diameter up to 31mm.

Another brand you can't go wrong with is the German Boccia Titanium. The specifics of the brand is that all watches, from the case to the bracelet, are made of titanium, a hi-tech material that gives the watch several unique capabilities.

129,00 € in stock

The first thing that strikes you when you try on a titanium watch is how light it is. "I won't even feel like I have a watch!" I heard from many customers. But more important is the hypoallergenicity of this material, which makes titanium watches a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate nickel on the skin (which is also found in the noble surgical steel 316L, from which most watches are made).

150,00 € in stock

As a bonus, the watch is elegant and will be especially appreciated by women who prefer subtle accessories.

150,00 € in stock

Fans of simplicity and Nordic minimalism will love the Danish brand Bering.

191,00 € (delivery by 1.7.)

Thanks to its clean style, the brand can afford to experiment with a more unusual colour palette, while the clean surfaces and simple handles have a calming effect.

The delicate Milanese bracelet is also typical of the brand.

Do square watches in combination with small dimensions also give you a pleasant retro impression? In the past, women's watches were usually more of a piece of jewelry, which is how the Tissot Lovely Square Swiss watch with a diameter of just 20 mm works today.

Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

Tissot has decided to pay more attention to this magical collection, so we not only find many color options, whether in metal or leather, but also includes sets with spare colored straps in pastel colors.

A feeling of luxury and a real piece of jewelry on the wrist is created by variants with diamonds.

Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery
Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery

The Lovely collection also includes a petite round-shaped watch.

Due to the size, a mechanical movement is not often seen on smaller watches. However, the Orient Star brand, which focuses exclusively on mechanical watches, does not compromise.

They make their movements themselves, in-house, and let them stand out in the view on the dial.

So, ladies, would you find the right one among them?


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