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G-Shock GA-2100: Tribute to Mr. Ibe

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8.4.2021 | 6 MIN

Casio spouts dozens of new models every year, not only in the G-Shock line. However, if we subtract various color variations of already established models, we won't have much left. This year, however, it is different ... The fall has not even started for us and a G-Shock portfolio already has several completely new models. The hero of today's review, a novelty with a name GA-2100, uses its shape to pay homage to its spiritual father - Mr. Kikuo Ibe.

Octagon has been connected with G-Shocks from the very beginning, when this shape proved to be the most suitable for the construction of the very first legendary "Gs", ie the DW-5000C. And Mr. Ibe himself had the honor of presenting this analog-digital reincarnation of the original G-Shock in person at a promo event in Singapore, aptly named "the Game Changer".

The new GA-2100 were prsented by the founder of G-Shocks himself, Kikuo Ibe.

Carbon diet

When I took the role of Sibyl this spring and predicted the arrival of smaller models, I had no idea that my prophecy would be fulfilled so soon. Nothing against large G-Shocks. After all, their robust look is definitely one of the things we love them for. However, there are situations in which it can be a bit of a hassle. For example, those who take G-Shocks to skiing, will surely agree with me that getting it out of the sleeve of a winter jacket can sometimes be a bit of a struggle... Hopefuly, that won't be a problem anymore with this new piece. Meet thes GA-2100 – AKA the thinnest G-Shocks!

Carbon Core Guard. Yes, this new model is proud to have a new construction, using for its core this new, until recently exclusive material known mainly from aviation or Formula 1. The use of carbon as the construction base of the watch has to satisfy all the people waiting for G-Shocks of more compact dimensions. The good news is also the fact that Casio did not leave this technology for its TOP models only, and therefore we can look forward to seeing it in the much more affordable Original line, where this novelty with a price tag of 2,790 CZK also belongs.  Now, let's take a closer look at it ...

Durable Octagon

And what else to start with than dimensions. As I mentioned before, the GA-2100 proudly wear the title of the thinnest G-Shocks. The measurements are 48.5 × 45.4 mm and the thickness of this non-traditional, but even more interesting case is only 11.8 mm! Do you think you know a thinner watch? Yes, so do I. But none of them are likely to survive even a fraction of what these G's can. The construction of G-Shocks itself, where the movement (so.called module) basically levitates in an "air gap", is more space-consuming, so every millimeter saved can be considered a great success ... Another important data is a weight of the watch. Here, we can also see the benefits of a carbon composite, as the watch weights only 51 grams. In the few days that this model has kept me company, I can say that it is one of the most comfortable G-Shocks I have had the honor to wear. This is also due to the thinness of the case, they do not tend to tip over on your wrist, even when you wear them "loosly".

So far, the GA-2100 introduced itself in three variations: red (marked with a suffix 4A), black (1A) and even blacker (1A1), each with something to offer. The octagon case and the strap received matte treatment this time and now traditional resin served as a material. The strap is  pleasantly soft and has the Easy Release system, enabling its quick and easy replacement, Řemínek je zde příjemně měkký a disponuje také systémem Easy Release, umožňující jeho rychlou a snadnou výměnu, which may be appreciated by die-hard fans, who often improve their G-Shocks to their liking.

Thanks to the Easy Release system, you can easily replace the strap.

My only complaint is about the spacing of individual holes, which could be a little smaller ... I will talk about the strap and its buckle a litlle more. It is one of the few details that distinguish the individual versions. It is not a habbit for Casio to use different types of straps and buckles in one model, as it is here. The black version relies on the classic metal in a glossy (1A) and sandblasted (1A1) treatment.

The black version has a contrasting metal buckle

The red version (4A) has a plastic buckle in the same color. Although it looks a bit cheap, it also gives the watch a "clean" monolithic look, and that is what Casio is going for.

Červené GA-2100 mají jako jediné plastovou přezku

Red GA-2100 is the only one with a plastic buckle

This time no multicolored eccentric dials with a mixture of contrasting inscriptions. Simplicity and minimalism are the words that come to my mind when looking at the GA-2100. All the elements match with each other and they do not unnecessarily draw attention to themselves, so that the geometric shape of the case stands out as much as possible. For that reason, the display also color corresponds to the rest of the watch, even in the red version! True, it does not help the readability of such a small display, but from the aesthetics point of view, there is nothing to complain about..

Všechny prvky spolu (nejen) barevně ladí, dokonce i u červené verze

All elements (not only) color-match together, even in the red version

The untraditionally shaped LCD on the dial is complemented by a simple circular subdial showing the days of the week and, of course, the hands. Each variant differs not only in shape and color, but mainly in the luminescence used. The black version has white indices (1A) and together with the red version share Neo-brite technology, that is usually used for more expensive models. Excellent readability is therefore guaranteed even at dusk.

Černá verze s bílými indexy a červená verze mají luminiscenci NeoBrite

The black version with white indexes and the red version have NeoBrite luminescence

Worse scenario became real for the other black version. It was equipped only with the standard Casio luminescence, which quickly loses its intensity, and the black edging on the hands does not help the readability as well. This can be a problem for some, but the Stealth-look (as this version is often called) lovers will surely like it this way.


All-black ("Stealth") version has a standard  Casio luminescence

Speaking of legibility, it is also worth mentioning the quality of interior lighting. Fortunately, we won't find compromises here. The GA-2100 was equipped with high-quality Super-Illuminator lighting in the form of two high-brightness diodes - one for the dial and one for the display. A nice detail is its smooth fade-out effect (attenuation) and the possibility to set the time lenght of exposure.

GA-2100 has two LEDs, including an afterglow feature and fade-out effect

Understandably, such powerful lighting requires a little more energy. To make enough energy for it to last for up to three years, Casio has also equipped this novelty with two SR726W batteries. However, it is well known that if you use the Super-Illuminator reasonably, the watch lasts much longer than the manufacturer states. Please take the stated + - 15 seconds with reservation.  Personally, I only saw a maximum deviation of four seconds per month in G-Shocks ...

Proven classic

GA-2100 belong to the fundamental G-Shock Originals line and the equipment corresponds to that. Water resistance of 200 meters and the ability to withstand heavy shocks is now legendary and probably will not surprise anyone. These key features made the G-Shock watch popularity and placed them in the "Top 10 Japanese Inventions". We can also rely on an automatic calendar, simple stopwatch with split time, countdown to 24 hours, five alarm clocks + world time. Simple G-Shock classic, you could say. Personally, I would appreciate an automatic light feature, that this model is unfortunatelly missing. Thanks to that, I am giving GA-2100 a small minus point.

Výčtem funkcí patří GA-2100 mezi klasiku – stopky, timer, auto kalendář, světové časy, budíky, 200m WR a odolnost proti nárazům je pro G-Shocky standard

The list of functions puts the GA-2100 among the classics - stopwatch, timer, car calendar, world times, alarm clocks, 200m WR and Shock resistance is standard for G-Shocks


What else to add at the end? Mayble only that Casio pleasantly surprised us again. The GA-2100 model stands out from the line with its appearance and you can't confuse it with another model. The DNA of the very first G-Shock is really obvious here and that is great. In my opinion, Mr. Ibe can be truly proud of his tribute... And now all that remains is to choose the right variant. I chose the black one with white indexes. Which one are you choosing?


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