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I may not even need to introduce the German brand Boccia Titanium. It is well known to all nickel allergy sufferers as it focuses on anti-allergenic titanium watches. But it offers much more. For example, simple, and all the more timeless designs, affordable prices and German quality. It can easily find its fans on its own, so take today's photo gallery of Boccia Titanium men's watches as casual inspiration.

Affordable simplicity you'll love

Boccia Titanium. This is, of course, primarily about the use of titanium. But also about affordability, surprising parameters and very universal designs. And so we cannot start today's photo gallery with the 3633 model, which is the embodiment of everything described above.

147,00 € in stock

The titanium case of the watch has the advantage that it does not get cold, makes the watch lighter and is literally a lifesaver for those allergic to steel/nickel.

But the watch also stands out for its good readability and clarity, and you won't find anything unnecessary on it. Apart from the date (but I take this as a practical thing), the dial is truly minimalistic.

In the dark, the luminescence will fulfill its function, and when in contact with water, it will be water resistant to 100 meters. And when the goal or the corner of the table is accidentally taken? You don't have to worry too much about scratches on the sapphire crystal.

And did I mention the affordable price? Going even lower would be suspicious. Even so, I would like to believe that Boccia can offer this model at this price and parameters.

103,00 € in stock

And not only this one. The same applies to the 3533 model, which impresses with its case thickness of only 7 mm! These elegant watches come with a leather strap and will please lovers of minimalism with a certain amount of refinement.

The 3608 model is again a perfect example of an excellently legible watch. All the hours are carefully marked with Arabic numerals, the minutes are also marked and everything is beautifully contrasted. There is also a date stamp, water resistance of 100 meters and a diameter of 41 mm with a thickness of 10 mm are also nice values.

85,50 € in stock

Boccia Titanium Solar – Energy of the future

Solar energy is a small miracle. Perhaps you also use it in your smart home. It saves a lot of money, but it also has other uses in watchmaking.

It can ensure the smooth run of the watch and often many other functions such as radio or GPS synchronization. The first to use this technology in watchmaking was Citizen, and today they are among the leaders in the industry. However, other brands are not left behind. Including Boccia Titanium.

In addition to saving you a few trips to the watchmaker for a battery change, solar power is also more environmentally friendly. And Boccia generally is rather keen on ecological thinking.

Model 3643 is interesting not only because of the use of light as an energy source, but also because of its design. Notice that dial - the sandblast or spoke finish nicely hides the solar panel under the dial. And what do you think about the plastic cutouts for the indices that give the whole look a deeper dimension and the cleverly chosen orange details?

The case is of course made of titanium, the watch boasts a sapphire crystal and 100-meter water resistance. Together with the solar movement, it is an irresistible combination.

Sporty spirit

So it occurs to me that Boccia does not make strictly sports models. It's always rather sporty-elegant or that kind of a casual elegance. But he definitely knows how to include sporty design elements and there is no shortage of them in the men's collection.

Let the model 3753 be my proof, which may appear decent on the skin, but with a diameter of 43 mm and a stopwatch function, it already boldly belongs to the class of sporty elegance.

166,00 € in stock

However, the most popular model here is the 3627. The discreetly, yet interestingly designed gray dial is spiced up with a tachymetric scale. It's a bit of a weird feature without a stopwatch, but maybe that's why they got so many positive reviews.

The watch is excellent, I have always had problems with sweating and eczema below the strap. Titanium is the ideal material. The watch is light for how massive it looks, waterproof even when swimming. I can recommend to everyone. Faiki, read more reviews here.

The last one in this category then combines the two previous ones - a stopwatch and a tachymetric scale. Model 3751 definitely belongs to the most sporty of the Boccia range. Men's size 43 in diameter, practical 100-meter water resistance and sapphire glass with excellent scratch resistance. What more could you possibly wish for.

210,00 € (delivery by 11.7.)

Now, a bit of mechanics

It's true, Boccia focuses primarily on quartz watches. But sometimes it can surprise. And this also happened at the beginning of 2022, when they presented the 3653 model with an automatic movement and in an excellent diving design.

Boccia, of course, does not make the movement. It relies here on one of the world's largest movement manufacturers, Miyota (Citizen). The movement has 21 jewels and you can see its operation through the back case.

It hasn't received any major embellishments, but also look at the price tag it's being offered for! Please add to that the all-titanium design, 100-meter water resistance and even a sapphire crystal.

The only thing missing from perfection is the rotating bezel, because even though it has a diver's minute scale, it is solid and thus is there only for the "design". But it was successful, so it is not surprising that they were included among the successful models of this German brand.

Finally, a trendy gradient

I left the recent novelty with the gradient dial of the model 3641 at the very end. That is, when the colors smoothly flow from dark to light and create a true feast for the eyes.

We encounter this design element across the watchmaking world. You will see it in watches for a few thousand and tens or hundreds. This also proves that it is a trend that even Boccia does not hesitate to respond to.

Boccia chose a very minimalistic dial with thin hands and a bezel, so the color scheme can really stand out.

The model falls under the Royce Concept collection, which is characterized by a sapphire crystal and thin cases. After all, the model with a leather strap could easily be classified as a social watch. But we can also find it on a titanium bracelet or with a stopwatch function.

In all versions, however, it impresses with its colors and, of course, its titanium case. We're talking about Boccia Titanium after all... :)

What experience do you have with titanium watches?


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