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Orient Kamasu Review – The story of a mouth full of teeth

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6.10.2022 | 7 MIN | 2x comment

Diving watches from the Orient series have already earned many nicknames among fans. To be honest, knowing them isn't easy. These are unofficial fan names, so it often happens that one calls the watch one way, and the other uses a name that's completely different. For the Orient Kamasu model, which we will look at today, the nickname is already quite established, and I think it will soon become evident as to why.

Where did the nickname Kamasu come from?

Almost everyone knows the story of how penicillin was discovered by chance. But what about the story of how a dolphin that accidentally became a shark? This is precisely what started the carousel of fan nicknames, which not just anyone can make sense out of.

Na dýnku potápěčských Orientů jsou dva delfíni.

There are two dolphins on the back case of the diving Orients.

Diving models from Orient are typical in that they have two dolphins depicted on the bottle. The same is the case with today's reviewed piece. Legend has it that one fan on a watch forum mistook the dolphins for a Mako shark. And thus was born the first nickname for diving watches from Orient, which is still used today.

But where did the nickname Kamasu come from? To get to the bottom of this, we will have to slip for a moment into the field of translational science and biology. The word kamasu is of Japanese origin. When we translate it, we find out that it is a predatory barracuda fish. Personally, this title alone didn't mean much to me, but when I looked at its photos, it was suddenly clear to me where the fans are coming from.

Barakuda má ostré zuby a co připomínají indexy modelu Kamasu? Foto: drakons-ark.fandom.com/wiki

Baraccuda has a set of sharp teeth, so what do the indexes of the Kamasu model resemble? Photo: drakons-ark.fandom.com/wiki

If you look into the mouth of a barracuda, you will see that it has a lot of scary, sharp teeth. Now try looking at the clock face again. The indexes of the watch are quite conspicuously reminiscent of this toothy monster. The greatest credit for this goes to the triangular index at twelve o'clock, but the surrounding indices are not idle either. Although it is not completely visible at first glance, they also taper towards the center of the dial, and really resemble teeth with a little imagination. The whole impression is completed by the modeled hands.

They probably don't charm you at first glance, but what about the second?

For review, I received the model RA-AA0002L19B, i.e. the version with a blue dial on a metal bracelet. Of all the basic diving models that Orient offers, the Kamasu models are among the most equipped. And maybe that's why it's one of the most popular among users. But the technical parameters on paper are one thing, and how the watch impresses you in person is another.

Based on internet photos, one would expect the blue color of the dial to be obvious at first glance. But when I got the watch in my hand, I wondered if I had the right watch at all.

At first glance, the dial may appear black, almost indistinct. So they can seem a bit boring. But when you take the watch in your hand and start examining it closely, you will find that the dial is not only a nice dark blue, but even in a sunburst design. In the light, the blue stands out beautifully.

What are they like on the wrist?

After examining the dial, I jumped on the watch itself. Despite the fact that the watch is not excessively large (the diameter of the case is 41.8 mm), it is quite heavy and sturdy. Looking at the case of the watch, the finishing is done in a combination of matte and gloss. Both sides of the case are polished to a shine, which I don't think goes well with the matte bracelet. If the entire case was matte, it might look a little better.

Before I started writing the review, I noticed somewhere online that the quality of the metal bracelet is not as good. So I was a little afraid that the watch would look cheap, with hollow tin cells. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The individual links are solid steel, and they definitely did not look cheap to me. It is true that the ends that attach the bracelet to the watch look a little flimsier, but it is nothing major.

Some naysayers still complain about the quality of the metal buckle. I rather look at it in the way that Orient may have taken something away from the quality of the bracelet, but they concentrated all the more on the main thing, which is the watch itself.

But if someone still couldn't get behind the bracelet, they are in luck. You will find an abundance of alternatives on the Internet. All you have to do is choose what suits you best and decorate the watch to your liking.

Given that these are watches in the price range of up to €400, their equipment is excellent. Well, be the judge for yourself, in-house movement, 200M water resistance, sapphire crystal, screw-down case back, screw-down crown, great luminescence and unidirectional rotating bezel with 120 teeth. In short, it is not easy to find such equipped and processed watches in this price range. The only thing they need to be perfect is a ceramic bezel, but that's probably too much for me to ask anyway.

Co by mohlo některým lidem působit problém, je korunka. Ta je docela malá, a navíc je chráněna výstupky. Takže pokud potřebujete z jakéhokoliv důvodu korunku odšroubovat a následně zase zašroubovat, bude vás to asi časem stát pár šedivých vlasů.

What might set some people off is the crown. It is quite small, and it is also protected by protrusions. So if you need to unscrew the crown for any reason and then screw it back in, it will probably cost you a few gray hairs over time.

One more thing I would reproach the watch for is the silence of the movement. When you have the watch on your hand, or even if you put it to your ear in normal operation, you hardly have a chance to hear the ticking of the movement. On the contrary, it can be a plus for some. But it seems a bit of a shame to me, because I like to hear their imaginary heartbeat. Well, admit it, isn't it sometimes nice to get away from all the noise and listen to the rhythmic ticking for a while?

Speaking of ticking, inside the watch beats a movement marked F6922. In the case of Orient movements, it is necessary to highlight the fact that the company manufactures them itself (in-house). If we were to focus on the numbers, Orient gives an accuracy of -15/+25 seconds per day for this movement. This is definitely not a chronometer value, but we must take into account that these are border values ​​that the movement should not exceed. With normal and regular wear, you are very likely to get much better values. In addition, the movement has the possibility of manual winding and hacking.

A successor with a beautiful dial

In addition to the first generation Kamasu RA-AA00, I would also like to add a few words to the model RA-AA08, which is often referred to as the second generation - i.e. Kamasu II. When reviewing, I had the opportunity to compare both models. Specifically, I had at my disposal the red-brown variant RA-AA0814R19B. There is no point in discussing the technical specifications here. On paper, both Kamasu models are exactly the same. Same movement, same dimensions, same crystal, basically almost the same body. The main differences can be found on the dial.

At first glance, you will be attracted by the beautiful gradient effect of the dial in the photo. In other words, it is a gradual color transition, where the color of the dial is gradually highlighted from the dark edges towards the center. I've been seeing this effect on watches more and more recently, and I'm actually quite happy about it.

But in terms of expressiveness, I'd say it's the same as the first generation. In the photo, the color of the dial is slightly more vivid than it is in real life. But when you give the watch some time, it gradually begins to reveal the beauty of the dial. In addition to the gradient effect, there is also a sunburst.

If you spare yourself the time from examining the colours, you will probably be surprised by the indexes. They are no longer as sharp and do not seem as predatory as in the first generation. You could almost say that it looks like a domesticated barracuda. But it must be remembered that the nickname Kamasu is not official, so you can't blame Orient.

What's even nicer about the newer version is that it has a matching case with a metal bracelet compared to the previous one. Both the case and the metal movement have a matte finish, so they complement each other nicely and do not create a distracting impression. The only shiny surface here is the transitions between the side of the case and the bezel/feet, which adds a touch of flair to the watch.

Finální verdikt Final verdict

The final question is: Is the Orient Kamasa worth adding to your watch collection? The answer is: Absolutely yes!

Even if the watch has some flaws, the positives outweigh the imaginary scales. Whether you are just starting out with watches or you are already an experienced collector, the watch barracuda will surely find a place in your watch collection. And despite the fact that the watch does not seem flashy at first glance, I would bet that its owners often find themselves admiring the hidden beauties of the dial.

Personally, I would even dare to say that not only the Orient Kamasu, but also other diving models from Orient can be a very interesting alternative to the legendary Seiko SKX. What's more, they could gradually begin to replace the hole left by Seiko models, which are increasingly heading towards higher price levels.

 Great price/performance ratio
In-house movement
 Fits well even on a small wrist
 Sapphire glass
 Screw-down case back and crown
Strong luminiscence

The crown is difficult to operate
A bit worse processing of the metal bracelet
The dial does not charm at first glance

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Hawkago 102 days, respond
I have about 10 watches in the sub $500 range and this is one is my favorite. I added a Helm rubber strap to it and I love it. After tracking it and wearing it constantly for a week my copy gains about 3 seconds a day. Nice review and great watch. Hawk
Hawkago 102 days, respond
I have about 10 watches in the sub $500 range and this is one is my favorite. I added a Helm rubber strap to it, and I love it. After tracking it and wearing it constantly for a week, my copy gains about 3 seconds a day. Nice review and a great watch. Hawk

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