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Men's Ball Watches – Photo gallery of the most interesting pieces

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2.11.2021 | 6 MIN

Watches with balls. Or a watches Rolls-Royce. Those are some nicknames for the Ball watches. The brand is more known in the watchmaking circles and offers pieces that are exceptional in many ways. And it definitely has something to offer in terms of design...

The story of the Ball Watch brand – A watch company that didn
The story of the Ball Watch brand – A watch company that didn't miss a train

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

A fall on the ground is not something you would want your mechanical watch to experience. And so is a strong shock. But sometimes, despite all your efforts, you can't avoid it. The Engineer Hydrocarbon series is designed in a way that the watch can withstand truly unpleasant situations.

Ball solves all the main problems that can occur. The riskiest place for water ingress or damage is the crown. The ball has a patented crown protection system, where the latch fits in only if the crown is properly screwed on. At the same time, the cover protects the crown against mechanical damage.

The watches have several patented anti-shock systems that protect the movement from the consequences of a fall and provide protection of the flywheel so that there is no deflection and thus inaccuracy of the watch.

The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT II model may intrigue you with its diving design, specially folded buckle, or GMT complication, which will be appreciated especially by travelers. The watch has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire bezel insert, and, of course, 44 self-powered tritium tubes. In addition, the watch has the COSC accuracy certification. Combined with protection against water, magnetism, and impact, it is a true companion to discomfort.

The first thing that catches your attention on the Ball watch is the combination of mechanical movement and tritium luminosity. This combination can be found exceptionally in other brands but is a standard for every Ball watch. Tritium tubes don't need any external source to "charge" and are lit permanently.

Ball Engineer II

Perfect readability. If you are looking for a sports watch that has managed to achieve a high dose of elegance and perfect readability, the Engineer II series has been designed for you.

And that works whether you are looking for the Marvelight model with wide tritium-filled indices or, for example, the Navigator GMT model, which combines tritium capsules with the really rich photoluminescence of Super-LumiNova on numerals.

Resistance to magnetism, precise workmanship, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, high water resistance, all of this is already a standard with Ball watches, so it's probably not necessary to go through all of this again.

Ball Engineer III

Do you remember me mentioning that Engineer II combines a sporty-elegant style with exemplary readability? The same also applies to the Engineer III series. It focuses on high resistance to magnetism (for example, the Starlight model has resistance up to 80,000 A/m) or the use of unique materials.

To choose one example, there is the Legend limited edition. The watches are made of 904L steel, which is more associated with Rolex, but other brands also sometimes use it for its features.

904L steel is more resistant to corrosion, acids and achieves a visibly higher gloss. At the same time, it is more difficult to process, making it proof of the technical competence of the brand.

Ball is originally an American brand, founded in 1891 by watchmaker Webb C. Ball. Ball is best known for its "RailRoad Standard" for railway watches, which later became the basis for the COSC accuracy certification. And Ball produced watches according to these strict criteria.

Ball Trainmaster

The Trainmaster watch collection is one of the most elegant in the entire Ball offer. The first to bear the "Ball's Standard" label during the American Ball era was a model called the Trainmaster. The standard later became the basis for the COSC accuracy certification.

One of the most interesting models is the Trainmaster Moonphase with the Moon Phase complication. It is unique not only for the actual display of the lunar phases but also for the way it was processed. The moon is made of plastic and has a refined luminescence, so at night it shines almost like the Moon itself.

The moon phase complication – The most breathtaking and unnecessary complication
The moon phase complication – The most breathtaking and unnecessary complication

Ball Engineer Master

The pilot style of the watch is similarly immortal as the diving one. The Ball Engineer Master II The Aviator impresses you with its readability, tritium tubes, antimagnetic parameters, and also with all the details referring to the history of aviation.

The model was created to commemorate the Wright Brothers' first flight in 1903. There is an engraved aircraft on the case back, and the strap is made of real leather with typical design rivets and a stylish buckle.

However, the true connoisseur model is the Engineer Master II Diver TMT with a thermometer. It was the first mechanical wristwatch that measured temperatures from -35 to +45 degrees Celsius.

The function of the thermometer itself is relatively unseen, definitely unique in mechanical watches. In addition, Ball combined the thermometer with a diving model par excellence.  Water resistance of 300 meters, internal rotating bezel, titanium case, and in this case, more than 50 tritium capsules.

Since the 1990s, The Ball Watch Company has been a Swiss brand with the proud Swiss Made label. But Ball remains true to its roots, as they still target reliable, durable watches. To this day, we can find a link to the American railway era in the series names and the design details.

Ball Roadmaster

A classic diving watch with everything you expect. The Ball Roadmaster Challenger 18 offers a power reserve of 80 hours and the COSC accuracy certification. The watch also has a precise case and H-links made of steel, with a screw-down crown and caseback.

The already mentioned connection of tritium in mechanical watches is, of course, still extraordinary. For a diving watch, this means unlimited time at night for the luminescence to glow. Not to mention that tritium doesn't need any external power supply.

Similar characteristics are offered by all models in the Roadmaster series. An interesting industrial style has, for example, the Skipper Chronometer limited edition. The shade of the metal is very versatile. In combination with the robust case, 200-meter water resistance, and COSC certification, the Ball lives up to its reputation as a manufacturer of reliable and durable watches.

The Ball company has many patents and firsts to its name. One of the most practical is the anti-shock system protecting the movement against damage in case the watch falls, or there is an impact on it. This includes the shock-absorbing Amortiser®, or SpringSEAL and SpringLOCK, which prevent the flywheel from deflecting, which is responsible for the accuracy of the watch.

Ball for BMW

If you have a BMW parked in your garage, you definitely have to appreciate the ingenuity with which Ball created special models. Allegedly, the German carmaker gave the exact requirements, and the implementation then took two whole years. But the result is worth it.

The unique combination of black and orange is typical for BMW, less so for the watchmaking world. But that makes the watch even more interesing. Inside, of course, there is a Swiss mechanical movement, and you can choose from many models with different useful complications, whether it is GMT or a power reserve indicator.

So if you like the joy of driving, you will most likely enjoy this unique pleasure the watch brings.

Ball watches always include a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective layer. The brand also usually relies on 316L surgical steel for their watch cases, but some models are also made of 904L steel, which we don't encounter that often in the watchmaking world. With Ball, you'll love that precision, running accuracy, and durability is not just a marketing phrase, but a real commitment.


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