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Invicta S1 Rally – For men with gasoline running through the veins

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8.4.2021 | 8 MIN

Keep moving forward and enjoy every moment of the ride. That is the main idea of the Invicta campaign for the S1 Rally model line. These words are incredibly fitting. When you look at the S1 watch, it is as if you hear the roar of the engine in your head and smell the scent of petrol and burnt tires, which a while ago rubbed against the racetrack and raced to victory. The connection with motorsport is obvious here. So let's take a look under their bonnet together.

Originally, Swiss company Invicta started making watches more than 180 years ago. However, after many years of crisis related to the Japanese wave of cheaper quartz watches, it was bought by an American company in 1991 and changed both its headquarters and philosophy. Though, they still follow the well-trodden path of good craftsmanship, this time it is in an extravagant form. By detaching itself from traditional design, Invicta has closed its doors to many lovers of classic watches. At the same time, however, Invicta has hit the jackpot among the people who prefer originality and pomposity.

This, of course, is not an unintended consequence, but a well-thought intention, but that would be for a long debate, so let's focus on this particular watch series.

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Inspiration from a fast ride gave birth to racing champions in the form of watches

After 2000, Invicta began to shift its focus more on limited editions (probably the most famous one featured Mickey Mouse) and series with original motifs. This brings us to the S1 Rally series.

The cooperation between the two Invictas started to form back in 2002 when the British carmaker of the same name Invicta Car Company presented the legendary eight-cylinder S1 engine at the International Motor Show. It was the watch brand that decided to finance part of the development of the S1 sports cars. And so not only cars but also watches for lovers of fast driving were born.

Despite the fact that the Car Company went bankrupt in 2012, Invicta did not betray its "racing" watches and in 2018 introduced a new campaign, which revived the initial legacy of the S1 Rally series.

Newly, the S series is inspired by the tradition and energy of Formula 1, the royal discipline of motorsport. The word Invicta itself means "undefeated", therefore, watches bearing this proud label (and especially sports models) must evoke a feeling of victory and glory. And I think they're doing it pretty well.

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S1 Rally series

This article serves as a guide to the entire S1 Rally model line. But in order not to get completely lost in it, for the sake of clarity, I have divided the watches into three categories according to their "degree of extravagance" and chose a few main models to show. So let's take a look at those, which do not attract so much attention with their design and those that, on the contrary, run the "classically boring" style of formula watches.

1. "The slowest" S1

This category is intended for those of you who are fans of fast cars but at the same time do not need the watch to bring extra attention. That's why I included more simple chronographs with a more subtle coloring of the dial, case, and strap.

As the first example, we can show you the quartz Invicta S1 Rally. At first glance, they might look almost luxurious, especially thanks to the more massive steel case, which is decorated with fourteen-carat gold.

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The upliftment in the office will probably not be evoked, but the affinity with motorsport and the pompous "Invicta look" will not deter them anyway. Despite the "simpler" processing, they do have many distinctive features in the form of sports elements (chronograph, luminescence, and tachymetric bezel, which was originally created for racing) and large golden numbers in round indexes. An ingenious and quite entertaining detail is the placement of the S1 logo at the position of index number 1.

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Diameter-wise, they definitely belong among large watches (48 mm) and will therefore suit men with a rather larger wrist. The strap is made of quilted leather, and thanks to the perforation, it provides the owner the ventilation while wearing it.

A thorough focus on details does not leave us even if we turn the watch and look at the case back. We will be interested in the symbolism of the logo of the S1 Rally series set in a laurel wreath, in which the winners of sports competitions were crowned in ancient Greece.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

If you don't like the golden version, don't worry. Similar, more moderate, models with a chronograph exist in different colors.

For example, Invicta S1 Rally Men Quartz with a black dial and a steel case is available...

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Or Invicta S1 Rally, with cream dial, date stamp, and leather strap without additional stitching.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz
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One of these more related chronograph models involves the discreet Invicta S1 Rally, which provides a more elegant look thanks to the white dial, clean metal case, and light brown leather strap.

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2. When Invicta steps on the gas

In the second category, I have included those models that approach the topic of racing very faithfully... after all, the watch looks like small formulas. ;) They have a colorful, playful design and are definitely unique in the world of watches.

When it comes to uniqueness, I have to mention the Invicta S1 Rally Jason Taylor Limited Edition.

The name Jason Taylor is featured on many Invicta limited series. And who is he? Jason Taylor is a famous athlete, philanthropist and, last but not least, an enthusiastic watch collector who, together with the Invicta brand, participates in charity projects.

These square chronographs with Swiss entrails under the bonnet must be made for car enthusiasts. All elements on the black dial show a sporty look, and their color processing will delight many lovers of interesting details. Particularly ingenious are the colored racing stripes in azure blue and orange, which stretch across the dial to the leather strap, of which the thinner orange strip is stretched on the strap with orange stitching.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The high, thick steel case, the perforated steel plate on the side, and the diameter of 48 mm make them quite a piece.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Only 999 of these have been made for the whole world, which already sounds interesting. Who wouldn't want to own something special?

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By the way, aren't you missing the Jason Taylor briefcase for your Invicta?
If your preference is for a slightly more "eccentric" wave, similar to S1 Rally Jason Taylor, starts square model S1 Rally. Distinctive tuning to the royal colors of blue and gold, a meshed hexagonal structure on the dial, and interestingly designed sub-dials – these are features that you would find casual. In addition, this watches already has a lens with the Flame fusion label, which is highly durable mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating, which is typical for the Invicta brand.

Or do you prefer round ones? You may be interested in the Invicta S1 Rally in a sporty blue color with neon yellow elements. These are large chronographs (diameter 47 mm) with a wide steel case and four screws on the sides. From the details, I would point out the "carbon" dial, a slit through with a white date stamp, and a crown resembling a cogwheel look.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The blue silicone strap with an unusual fastening may seem interesting, but the problem is likely to occur if you would want to replace it with another one. You will definitely not get straps that fit into this type of lugs just like that.

Korunku ve tvaru ozubeného kola zdobí švýcarský kříž referující o tom, že se jedná o Swiss Made hodinky.

The crown in the shape of gear is decorated with a Swiss cross indicating that it is a Swiss Made watch.

Other favorite "S-ones" with a chronograph, this time with sport stripes and a densely perforated silicone strap, are these black and white Invicta S1 Rally.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

And its brown version Invicta S1 Rally Race team.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

3. "Fast and Furious"

"Fast" because watches from this category simply and unscrupulously go full speed. And "Furious" because of its extravagant design. Even the selected materials and skeleton dials, which structurally resemble the disc brakes behind the covers, look impressive. Not to mention the total size with a diameter of 51 mm.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

All the watches mentioned below here are mechanical with automatic winding (quartz drive predominated in all previous ones) and have the Flame Fusion glass.

The favorite ones from this category are Invicta S1 Rally Man. These golden-black glittering gems attract themselves from afar. Steel details with a gold PVD finish are layered on top of each other, and the skeleton dial with an open heart in a rough black frame only enhances the visual dynamics. Solid screws are attached to the case, which fastens a steel cable leading around the perimeter. Indices with luminescence act as chapter ring handles due to beveling.

The elements made of steel wire are also located on a black silicone strap with an embossed tire pattern. The strap is fastened with a gold buckle with a winged Invicta logo.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

The case back of these "S-ones" is transparent, so the view of the watch mechanism is beautifully revealed to us.

S1 Rally Man is available in various color variations. Slight changes in the layout of gold and black can be found, for example, in the Invicta S1 Rally Man Automatic. Which have radial "barriers" on the background of the dial in black and the open heart framing is gold.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

And if you are not particularly impressed by the black-and-gold combination, we have the same S1 Rally Man in an extravagant blue-gold design extravagant blue-gold design.

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To tell you the truth, I actually think that the S1 Rally Man will be "too much" for most people. I have the feeling that the task of each individual element is to amaze and thus the eyes run over them helplessly as they will not know what to focus on first. It is probably fair to say, that these watches are not exactly for everyone, and whether this look is ingenious and impressive or optically overloaded is up to the aesthetics of each of us. These watches are simply their own and require an equally special wearer.

S1 Rally for winners both on track and in life

S "ones" are not watches for ordinary mortals, and the proponents of decent elegance and minimalism are most pass those on. The aesthetics of racing cars simply radiate from them in all directions, and therefore they will please mostly sports guys with a more adrenaline-wise personality, who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and can bring out distinctive watches with pride and confidence.

Foto: Hodinky-365.cz

Finally, you can judge for yourself how Invicta coped with Formula 1 inspiration.

PS: For true motorcyclists, Invicta has one more cherry behind the hood – the Invicta watch briefcase in the form of a racing helmet.

Not your style? Take a look at other Invicta briefcases.


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