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Invicta Pro Diver – Photo gallery of the most popular ones

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23.11.2023 | 3 MIN

Invicta's most decent yet controversial watch. A watch that breaks down preconceptions. The watch that the watchmaking world knows. The Invicta Pro Diver has received many labels, both positive and negative, over the years of its controversial existence. But one thing remains - even the most hardened chronomaniac will eventually admit that there is something to it. And what? You can judge that from our photo gallery.

The reason why the Invicta Pro Diver is so controversial is quite obvious to watch enthusiasts - the design seems to have fallen out of the eye of the iconic Rolex Submariner, the iconic watch of James Bond's Agent 007.

For Divers, they evoke conflicting emotions because of their resemblance to Rolex. But the truth is, it's that iconic design that we often buy watches for. And so if that's what you're all about, while refusing to shell out an amount of money for a watch that would often buy you a new car, the Invicta Pro Diver is one of the most popular alternatives on the market.

In fact, no one can deny the quality with which Invicta makes their Pro Divers. Especially when you consider the price. The case is solid and combines polished and brushed surfaces, all in a nice finish.

For Divers, Invicta is also one of the few to feature a more classic and restrained design in the aforementioned diver's style, incorporating a fully functional unidirectional rotating lunette with minute scale, wide hands and luminescent indices (making the watch eminently legible), and there's no shortage of luminescent zero points on the lunette.

It should be noted that the diving design is not just for decoration with the Pro Diver. There are often screw-in components (crown, case-back) that make most watches in the Pro Diver line hold water resistance up to 200 M, sometimes even more.

But let's not paint a picture that only divers wear dive watches. Few people really dive with divers these days, yet it is one of the most popular styles of watch. They have a great sporty flair that looks simply sensational on a man's wrist.

And since diver's watches look especially great with sportswear or on a tanned wrist by the pool, the high water resistance, attractive design and durability alone definitely come in handy here.

Invicta has included a wide range of quality and affordable divers in the Pro Diver range, which is offered in both quartz (battery operated) and Japanese mechanical movement with automatic winding. There are also a variety of colours and sizes to choose from, from the smaller pieces with 38mm casing diameters, to the more modern 40mm and beyond.

The Pro Diver range, then, doesn't just include models in the Rolex Submariner design. There are also other models. For example, with a chronograph or a skeleton dial. Many will be pleasantly surprised by the Pro Diver's counterpart in the Disney line with a whimsical Mickey Mouse on the dial.

For us, the Pro Divers are a decent substitute for those who have succumbed to that irresistible Rolex design, or are simply looking for a good value for money diving watch.

And where to put your Pro Divers for the evening? Check out Invicta's range of watch cases.


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