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30.11.2023 | 4 MIN

“I blink and see!” – So this is exactly what you should say to yourself when looking at a really easy-to-read watch. And what characteristics does such a watch have to meet?

What should a good readable watch look like?

A monochromatic and simple dial with no distracting elements (such as chronograph sub-dials), as well as easily visible contrasting hands and marked indexes, ideally with Arabic numerals.

We recently asked you, the customers, about these criteria. We thank everyone involved for their opinions, some of which we quote in the article, and in return we have prepared for you today a selection of the most legible, affordable watches for ladies. In terms of price tags, we will go from the most affordable brands, but very popular among customers, to the more luxurious Swiss ones.

When a customer asks us about easy-to-read watches in the store, the first thing we usually do is take them to the display case with the Casio Collection series, because that's where we can find a really wide selection of universal, affordable and reliable watches.

And lovers of sharp edges will also find something to their liking.

55,00 € in stock

Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery
Elegant ladies square watches – Photo Gallery

"Good readability: for analogs, it's a good contrast between the hands, the bezel and the individual parts. The hand should not blend in with other patterns or the appearance of the watch should not be too abstract (no numerical indicators or at least pictograms). When I want to know the current time, it is not appropriate to from them with a long stare, because then the world around you will disappear. :-)" – Filip

59,00 € in stock

The Czech brand JVD proves that ladies are not only looking for flashy accessories, but also reliable and, above all, perfectly readable companions for daily wear.

63,00 € (delivery by 7.5.)

Affordability and a large selection of designs are the motto of the Czech family company JVD, which Mrs. Vláhová (JVD: Jasněna Vláhová Design) founded in 1992 in Nové Město nad Metují.

75,00 € in stock

You can see on this watch even without reading glasses.

"Perfectly readable watches are those with classic numbers. A bright dial and dark hands, preferably phosphorescent so that you can see them even in the dark..." – Kateřina H.

43,00 € in stock

"A legible watch is one from which I can tell at a glance what time it is – with an accuracy of 5 minutes. It doesn't have to have numbers, just dots and dashes. Maybe even with some fluorescent treatment so that they can be used at night." – Milan S.

Lorus has long been one of the popular affordable brands that offer easy-to-read watches.

53,00 € in stock
60,00 € The sale is over

The German Boccia Titanium, which focuses on watches made exclusively from titanium, has always stood out with interesting parameters beyond the available.

147,00 € in stock

And why go for a watch made of titanium? Above all, they are a rescue for all those suffering from allergies to nickel, which is also found in classic surgical steel. Titan is 100% anti-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

127,00 € in stock
115,00 € (delivery by 30.4.)

Titanium is also incredibly light, practically half the weight of steel, so titanium watches are really comfortable on the wrist.

"In terms of readability, Arabic numerals, hands and dial should be in contrasting colors, equipped with luminescence. There should be no distracting elements on the dial, no complication of stopwatches, etc." – Jura H.

But it's something for something. As it is a softer metal than steel, it can develop hair follicles more quickly. However, this fact does not apply to Citizen titanium watches... well, sorry – Super Titans. It is a modified titanium that is much more scratch resistant than regular titanium.

In addition, it also offers solar power, thanks to which you do not have to visit a watchmaker for about 10 years. The watch is charged by light, so there is no need to change the battery.

The watch has a large and clear dial with numbers. Clever clasp so the watch won't fall out of your hand. It fits perfectly on the hand. They are ordinary, but practical and they immediately caught my eye :-). I am really satisfied with them. And I hope it lasts a long time. – Sarik

Citizen also offers women's diving watches that have excellent legibility in the job description.

Festina has also recently introduced a perfectly readable watch. And they are not only interesting for the clear design. The watch with a wide mustache is nothing more than a limited edition created in collaboration with Eva Samková Adamczyková, who is one of our best athletes.

And we'll stop at Festina for a moment, because it would be a shame to overlook these crumbs from the retro collection.

Small women
Small women's watches for tiny wrists – Photo Gallery

"For a watch, I prefer the contrast between the light dial and the dark hands in terms of legibility." – Novel

And I'm going to the promised Swiss. For example, Certina dazzles not only with its long tradition, but also with its above-standard resistance and precision of the movement, which will give you a deviation of around 10 seconds per year, which is absolutely great.

"They should be simple and use Arabic numerals. The dial should be simple, with a contrast between the numbers and its color (structure). The dial should be simple, minimalistic (no chronographs or no date)." – Daniel

And finally – the Japanese. Of course, let's not forget the Orient brand, which has good legibility in the little finger.


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