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JVD Girls Watches – Photo Gallery for Little Princesses

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15.11.2023 | 3 MIN

First watch. Do you also remember them fondly? Back then, it was the best watch in the world for you and as soon as you got it, you flew to show it to your friend next door. Lucky one that your parents knew how to pick out the really cool ones, isn't it? If you have a little girl at home and you want to get her her first beloved watch, the JVD girls' watch from a Czech family-owned company may be the perfect match.

"We want to make children's first experience of learning the time as fun as possible, while also making the dial as legible as possible," says the JVD website.

And that's exactly what JVD watches look like. Sweet, playful and perfectly readable. And what's more, one that will please every little girl, whether she likes princesses, flowers or is a big animal lover.

27,00 € in stock

27,00 € in stock

Butterflies are fine, but another animal is just better? Maybe she'd choose from a selection of girls' animal-themed watches.

Since children have more sensitive skin, JVD children's watch cases are made from nickel-free alloys. The case is then made of steel, which is non-irritating to most of the population. JVD knows that material is very important in children's watches. That's why we also recommend avoiding generic, unspecified metals.

Can you also play the animated series about the Tinkerbell fairy over and over again? A flowery watch with a white strap and sparkling rhinestones might be something your little fairy would reach for.

Most often, the sizes of JVD girls' watches are around 26 to 28 mm case diameter. Therefore, they are more suitable for young ladies who are already attending the first grade, however, every child, as well as every wrist, is a little different and it is always better to try the watch.

However, if you bought them without trying them on and they didn't fit your little girl, you can return the piece that doesn't fit... And if she still likes them a lot and doesn't want to give them up, she can always grow into them. :)

28,00 € in stock

Does she go to dances every week and wear ballet shoes with great pleasure? Show her a glittery ballet watch and I bet she won't want to take it off.

31,00 € in stock
31,00 € in stock

JVD children's watches always have mineral crystals. This is ideal in a watch for a young lady, as it doesn't scratch as easily as a plastic glass, and the watch therefore lasts much longer looking beautiful.

30,00 € in stock

What about water resistance? For us adults, even 30M water resistance is enough for normal wear, with which the watch can handle splashes when washing hands and the like. However, children are a bit more careless in such activities, so JVD girls' watches are water resistant up to 50M. They can also take a shower with ease, and water is no enemy for them. However, the same cannot be said about the leather straps, which will not forgive you for the above-standard exposure to water. On the other hand, watches for young ladies are so pleasing and elegant with them. And for them to like each other, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

27,00 € in stock

One of the advantages of the JVD brand is that it has replacement straps for most of its models, so when the strap wears out, you can replace it with the original one.

Dětské JVD se dostávají v parádní krabičce, ktará slouží taky jako kalkulačka!

JVD kids' watches come in a cool box that doubles as a calculator!

However, if you have a little naughty girl at home who would jump in the pool with her watch, check out the waterproof girls' watches instead, which can handle some water and swimming.

35,00 € in stock

However, JVD girls' watches remain above all a beautiful and elegant watch that your princess will do a lot of cool things with. What do you think, would she choose one?

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