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Garmin smartwatches for any sport

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1.10.2022 | 9 MIN

Garmin conquered the world not only with its multi-sport models, but also with watches focused purely on a given sport. And that's why the offer consists of watches for running, aviation, golf or, for example, diving. Which Garmins are the best fit for you? Let's find out.

It is safe to say that the most famous line from Garmin is Fenix, which is known even to people who have nothing to do with Garmin. In recent years, the Tactix series has also been catching up.

Garmin Fenix 7 – Buying guide
Garmin Fenix 7 – Buying guide

Garmin Tactix 7 Review – What do you see?
Garmin Tactix 7 Review – What do you see?

And why are they so popular? It's simple. The Fenix line (and even the Tactix) are simply a cult series, and every mortal, even if they have barely heard of Garmin, will almost always know what watch it is when they hear the word Fenix.

Kromě multisportovních hodinek tedy Garmin nabízí i smartwatche pro specifické akvitity. Abych neplýtval vaším časem, v bodech zde vypíšu řady a pro koho jsou. A po kliknutí na řadu už budete číst jen informace ke konkrétní řadě.

In addition to multi-sport watches, Garmin also offers smartwatches for specific activities. So as not to waste your time, I will list the ranks and who they are for in bullet points here. After clicking on a row, you will be able to only read information about the specific row you've chosen.


Let's begin with the oldest series from Garmin, which is a watch designed, as the name Forerunner suggests, for runners. The main feature of the watch is definitely its plastic case, thanks to which the engineers from Garmin are able to achieve the small weight of the watch that will not bother even the fastest athlete.

Plast kam až oko dosáhne

Plastic as far as the eye can see.

But it certainly does not end with design. All watches from the Forerunner series are equipped with running functions such as a recovery assistant, calculation of the VO2 Max value or support for running dynamics. The best ones also have maps, navigation and, for example, a music player. From the fitness functions, you will definitely appreciate the nightly VST measuring or the improved training status widget.

I will highlight two pieces from this series and those are the  Forerunner 955 and 255. The first mentioned is the best model in the series with the most functions and also the longest battery life. The watch has map data, all the training functions offered by Garmin and a 15-day battery life in smartwatch mode.

The Forerunner 255 is the best model in the series in terms of price/performance ratio. And probably could also aspire to be the best sports watch under 400 euros. They acttract with the enormous battery life (up to 14 days in smartwatch mode and up to 30 hours in GPS mode), curve navigation and even contactless payment. You can also choose a variant with a music player (more expensive) or without (cheaper).

Garmin Forerunner 255/255S Review – Loaded mid-price athlete
Garmin Forerunner 255/255S Review – Loaded mid-price athlete

Garmin Forerunner 955 review – Satisfied only with the best
Garmin Forerunner 955 review – Satisfied only with the best

For Forerunners, the line is probably the most branched, so in addition to these models, we come across numbers 55 (the cheapest and yet functionally impeccable model), Forerunner 745 and 945 (older models, very similar to models 255 and 955). If you would like to learn even more about Forerunners, you can take a look at the article where colleague Dominik describes them in detail.

Honestly, purchasing the older models doesn't sound sensible to me due to outdated technology and shorter support period from Garmin. I think the manufacturer has solved it brilliantly by offering two models that will replace all other numbers.

The most important features of the series:
  • Lightness thanks to the plastic case
  • Easy control with buttons (Forerunner 955 is a combination of buttons + touch)
  • Advanced training features and metrics
  • Long battery life


The Enduro model – derived from the word "Endurance" – is the premium sporttester / smart watch with the longest endurance from Garmin. It is intended for extreme athletes who run (or drive) multi-day races or for those who do not want to charge daily and want to have a great insight.

Just a few days ago, the new Garmin Enduro 2 model was introduced, which follows in the footsteps of its older brother and adds longer battery life, maps and music. A new feature for this model (it will also be included in other series) is the GAP function, which recalculates the pace in hills to the flat.

But the biggest highlight is the battery, which can keep the watch alive for up to 46 days (with solar) and up to 150 hours in GPS mode (with solar). The first model lacked a few functions, so the watch lasted up to 65 days in smartwatch mode under good lighting conditions.

And how does this watch differ from the Fenix ​​7X? The biggest difference is, of course, in the flashlight and, at first glance, in the nylon strap. At the second glance, there are slight differences in functions as well. The watch also offers GAP - Grade Adjusted Pace as well as the Next Fork map function.

Garmin Enduro 2 Review – Music for my ears, maps for my feet
Garmin Enduro 2 Review – Music for my ears, maps for my feet

The most important features of the series:

  • Ultra battery life
  • A durable case for outdoor adventures


Garmin's special line for sailing is called Quatix. And how to imagine a special watch for yachting? Simply pop on the Garmin Fenix ​​and add extra yachting features.

The watch will give you complete information needed for your cruise. You can pair them with compatible marine technology, control the autopilot through them or, for example, monitor the tides. The Bluechart G3 maps, which contain important data for fishing and other information that is important for every captain, are also surely good to have.

1 104,00 € in stock

The latest collection consists of 3 watch models. Quatix 7 (AMOLED version and "classic - transflective") and Quatix 7X with transflective display and flashlight. The AMOLED display has amazing colors and a slightly lower battery life, and the other two mentioned have solar and battery life with which you can probably survive a month on a desert island. In the case of the X model, you can definitely use the effective (and effective) flashlight built into the case.

Garmin Quatix 7 Introduction – Ted, cast the line!
Garmin Quatix 7 Introduction – Ted, cast the line!

The most important features of the series:
  • Specific functions for fishing, sailing, etc.
  • Elegant appearance
  • Choice of AMOLED variant


U této řady je to velice podobná písnička jako u řady Quatix. Vzali to nejlepší z Fenixu (Epixu 2) nebo Venu 2 Plus, přidali skvělé letecké funkce a hodinky D2 Mach 1 (D2 X10) jsou na světě.

This series has a very similar feel to the Quatix series. They took the best of the Fenix ​​(Epix 2) or the Venu 2 Plus, added great aero features, and the D2 Mach 1 (D2 X10) watch can make an appearance.

The watch monitors the entire length of the flight, which is then recorded in the FlyGarmin aviation database. It can also work with the Garmin Pilot application and there is also weather data from NEXRAD, METAR, TAF and MOS systems. The watch also features airport maps and the ability to navigate to the nearest airport.

556,00 € in stock

In addition to aviation functions, we also find common sports activities, fitness and smart functions that we are used to at Garmin.

So there are 2 core models. The Garmin D2, which is a derivative of the Venu 2 Plus watch, and the D2 Mach 1, which is similar to the Epix 2. The watches differ the most in terms of battery life and, of course, looks.

The most important features of the series:
  • Flight functions
  • Option of cheaper and more expensive model


I swim, you swim, we swim. Swim 2 is a watch focused solely on swimming. And almost everything is adapted to that. The watch weighs 36 g and the case diameter is 42 mm. You don't even know you have them on after putting them on your hand.

198,00 € in stock

Well, and it can measure everything a swimmer might need. It recognizes swimming style, calculates efficiency (SWOLF) and measures heart rate underwater without a chest strap. The battery lasts up to 72 hours in the pool and up to 13 hours in open water with the GPS running. In normal smartwatch mode, the watch will last about a week.

Are you wondering if the watch can handle diving or snorkeling? The answer, as the name of the watch suggests, is NO. The watch only has 50M water resistance, so I would suggest to stay on the surface and only venture into the depths with the other mentioned Descent series.

Nejdůležitější znaky řady:

  • Lehké a malé provedení pro přirozený pohyb ruky při plavání
  • Speciální plavecké funkce
The most important features of the series:
  • Light and small design for natural hand movement while swimming
  • Special swimming features


A watch for true golfers, which combines elegance with lightness, no matter how well you hit your shots. Plus with all the golf statistics and maps of up to 40,000 courses around the world. That's the definition of the Approach series.

Víte, že existuje také golfové počítače řady Approach G?

Did you know that there is also an Approach G series of golf computers? (Source: pocket-lint.com)

You can record shots in the watch, it will show you which hole you are playing and if you cannot see the flag, it will show you which direction it is even. You can record your score and also which club you played. Everything is then transferred to the special Garmin Golf application. I would definitely point out that the higher models can measure the length of the shot, the distance from the hole or the distance to the next point suitable for the next shot.

The most expensive model and the flagship of this series is the Approach S62 model, which has the longest battery life (20 hours of GPS and 14 days in smartwatch mode) and, of course, the most functions.

Vypůjčeno ze stránek https://www.pocket-lint.com/
468,00 € in stock

In addition to the golf functions mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the watch also has smart functions such as card payment, phone notifications and all the fitness functions we are used to at Garmin.

The most important features of the series:
  • Emphasis on elegance combined with practicality
  • Special golf features


Every time I talk to someone about the Descents, I think of holding my breath and counting. But here it's something entirely different.

Garmin Descent is a "computer" developed specifically for divers to know everything about their dive. So the length of the dive, the depth, the status of the bombs and during the ascent the stops for the correct ascent back to the surface. The device is certified according to the EN13319 diving computer standard. And if you would like to know all the differences and features, I suggest you read my colleague's article.

Garmin Descent Mk2 – Introduction of the whole series and variants
Garmin Descent Mk2 – Introduction of the whole series and variants

There are two flagship models in this range. One named Mk and the other named G. The "Mk" is more like the Fenix ​​and the G model is very similar to the Instincts. And even by having a black and white display.

The most important features of the series:
  • A watch designed for diving
  • Diving functions
  • Cheaper and more expensive option


For cycling (mainly downhill) and hiking, I would only recommend one model from Garmin, unless you want to go to Fenix. The watch is fully functional (so don't expect an AMOLED display and many smart functions), but even if it is run over by a "jeep", it will definitely survive. Instinct definitely shines in these respects!

And although the Instinct series was created as a watch purely for soldiers and rescuers, it is perfectly suited for cycling and outdoor sports.

Thanks to the MIL-STD-820G military standard, the watches are almost indestructible and therefore suitable for outdoor environments, which is why they are popular with downhill and enduro riders. Even if you fall with them, nothing will likely happen to them. Their black and white transflective display is amazingly contrasting and visible in any situation. The glass of the watch is quite recessed, so even though it is Gorilla Glass, you don't have to worry about any scratches. The watch probably won't win a fashion show, but it's not made for that either.

Ačkoli vzor krásy to asi není, barvy mají úžasné!

It might not be a symbol of beauty but the colours are amazing!

Introduced this year, the Instinct 2 pushes the boundaries of possibility and offers users the best of both worlds. Both from the world of sports and from the world of smartwatches. You pay with the watch, it contains all the important metrics for training, it also offers curve navigation and the battery can keep it going for up to 48 hours on GPS with solar and up to 51 days with solar! And that's a hell of a watch.

Introduction of Garmin Instinct 2 / 2S – For men, women and with NFC payments
Introduction of Garmin Instinct 2 / 2S – For men, women and with NFC payments

The most important features of the series:
  • Durable case for outdoor experiences
  • Black and white contrast display - Probably the most visible of the entire Garmin range
  • Choice of solar and non-solar versions


Watches mentioned in the article