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DUEL: Garmin Fenix 7X vs. Garmin Enduro 2

Tags: Fight | Garmin | Men's | Smart

7.9.2022 | 8 MIN

These watches are hard to distinguish with the naked eye, which is why most people will think that the Garmin Fenix 7X and Garmin Enduro 2 are the same watch. The fact that Endura 2 has maps and music definitely supports this idea. Is there actually a difference?

For many, it is a life and death battle. Literally. Let's quickly summarize the advantages of the models at their release.

But if you haven't read the reviews of these models, you should start with those:

Garmin Enduro 2 Review – Music for my ears, maps for my feet
Garmin Enduro 2 Review – Music for my ears, maps for my feet

Garmin Fenix 7 review – I am Fenix the 7, and who is better than me?
Garmin Fenix 7 review – I am Fenix the 7, and who is better than me?

Advantages of Garmin Enduro 2:

  • Longer battery life
  • Grade Adjusted Pace – GAP
  • Next Forks maps
  • 2x stronger flashlight
  • Sexy yellow-green elements

Advantages of Fenix 7X:

  • A more social look
  • HRV, Training readiness (not yet confirmed for Enduro 2)
  • Primary race, race calendar (not yet confirmed for Enduro 2)
  • More colour variants
  • Lower price tag

After summarising, it seems that there are almost no differences. But I still found some!

Appearance being the biggest difference

They're like peas in a pod, but the appearance is probably the biggest difference between these models. The construction of the watch is exactly the same for both. But the Enduro 2 kept its Kašpárk design with colorful elements around the display. This means that we still have 11 yellow bands above the solar ring. And why 11? Don't ask me that.

Enduro also adopted the wall around the button from Fenix, it has the same yellow color and it looks damn good! Otherwise, the material (titanium), size (51 mm), solar and screws in the legs remain the same. The 5-button system is also identical, but when pressed, the Endura 2 reacts a little differently. They don't click, they are quieter and... Better for me. I don't know if it's just a one-off issue or if it will be the same everywhere.

U Fenixu 7 je hrazdička taková nenápadná

With the Fenix 7X, the bar is pretty inconspicuous

I'm very glad that the Enduro 2 also stuck with the amazing nylon belt. It's probably the biggest difference, because the Fenix ​​7X is made of silicone, leather or metal. And if I could choose only one strap forever, it would be nylon.

Well, and if I had to choose one model, I would choose the Endura because the original look is the one for me.

The display appears to be the same

Parametrically, if we look at the display, we will not find a difference. The same, transflective display with a diameter of 1.4". In the Enduro, a sapphire in combination with a solar and a touchpad is new. In the Fenix, we find the same, so it is a technological tie.

In reality, however, I find the Endura more legible in direct sunlight. I don't know if they have some hasty modification that Garmin doesn't talk about, but the is less glaring and the visibility is better.

Enduro's heart rate monitor downright disappointed

In terms of the sensor, it is once again a draw. The same Elevate 4 monitor, multi-frequency GPS, just the insides are identical. I don't know how they did it or what happened, but on the test model the heart rate monitor was extremely faulty and I was very disappointed.

Stejná střeva, jiná funkčnost

Same intestines, different functionality

Just take a look at the chart. Both heart rate monitors are both from the wrist and I have to say that the Fenix ​​is ​​much more accurate. The heart rate spike at minute seven (I was running uphill) was recorded exactly right by the Fenix ​​7X but the Enduro obviously thought I was resting. Well, I hope it was just some sort of solar flare and that the heat pump works as well as it did on the Fenix.

GPS is also quite a pain. As part of the activity, I noticed that Enduro was slightly under-measured, but what I then saw on the map was literally a mess.

Vybíhal jsem tam, kde vede fialová linka...

I ran out where the purple line goes...

Tohle je opravdu hodně špatné

This is really bad. Purple - Garmin Fenix 7X, Blue - Garmin Enduro 2

SatIQ – But no satisfaction here

This will be an absolutely brilliant feature! But the word "will" is important. SatIQ is used to automatically switch between satellite signals. The moment we have a cloudless sky, we are in an open area, the watch will switch to GPS sensing only, which is sufficient at that moment. But if we move under the trees, where the signal is very weak, the watch switches to scanning all satellite systems + multiple bands.

This setting will give you the best battery life/accuracy ratio. Well, it should... So far, it's just the best battery-wise, but the accuracy, as you can see a bit above, falters quite a bit. SatiQ is already on both models and I think this feature is the future. I'd leave it off for now though.

Battery of Enduro 2 – Level MASTER

We already know from the first generation that the Enduro model is a champion in terms of battery life. But Garmin has now moved the battery to the Master level. For clarity, I will leave the data in the table. Data with an asterisk is with solar.

Garmin Enduro Garmin Enduro 2
Garmin Fenix 7X
Smart Watch mode
50 days / *65 days 34 days / *46 days
28 days / *37 days
Battery saver mode
130 days / *1 year 90 days / *1 year
90 days / *1 year
GPS 70 hrs. / *80 hrs. 110 hrs. / * 150 hrs.
89 hrs. / *122 hrs.
All navigation systems X 67 hrs.
63 hrs. / *77 hrs.
All navigation systems + multi-frequency rceeption X 40 hrs.
36 hod. / *41 hrs.
200 hrs. / *300 hrs. 213 hrs. /*578 hrs.
213 hrs. / *578 hrs.
Expedition mode 62 days / *95 days 77 days / *172 days 62 days / *139 days

I can say with peace of mind that the Enduro has the longest battery life in the world as far as GPS watches go. And not even the  Coros Vertix 2 can match them.

Health through sport – GAP

Garmin cares about all metrics and accuracy (following the previous lines - haha). In order not to be left behind, he is always tinkering with new gadgets. One of these has just arrived in the Enduro 2 model. GAP for short, Grade Adjusted Pace. This is a cool gadget that converts the current pace to a flat pace. This means that if you are going uphill at a pace of 15 min/km, the GAP data field will tell you, for example, 6 min/km. Because it is equal to such a pace on the level.

A very cool gadget that will help you manage your training and racing efforts so you don't burn out. For me, this is one of Garmin's biggest moves in recent times. And for now, this is only a prerogative of the Enduro 2 model, as this feature is not yet confirmed for the Fenix.

Auto break for refreshments

With the newer of the two contenders, the possibility of automatically recording refreshments is also new. My colleague and I didn't quite agree on whether this is an advantage, because it can happen that you stop to use the toilet somewhere at the race, or maybe you just pass out, and all of a sudden you have a snack. Some may find this to be an interesting feature, we weren't completely blown away by it.

Maps in Enduro 2? Yes! And with an improvement

Some say that the Enduro maps are more than welcomed, and others think that it destroyed the essence of the model, it will display the name of the street you are running on and the distance to the next intersection.

All the mentioned functions are only in the Garmin Enduro 2 for now and we have to be surprised if these functions will eventually be in the Fenix ​​7. You can definitely look forward to the editing of this article when we know what and how.

VST, training readiness and more

I'll tell you straight up, if these features don't make it to Enduro 2, I'm going to be pretty upset. They are not there yet, and from the available materials it does not look like there will be more. Although the Enduro 2 can measure heart rate variability via the health image, the all-night VST is shrouded in a cloak of worry about whether it will get there. Heart rate variability is an important value that can tell you how much you are overtrained or if you are not getting the worst disease a man can catch and more...

HRV nebo-li VST se do hodinek dostalo z modelu Garmin Forerunner 955

HRV or VST first appeared in the Garmin Forerunner 955

Training readiness is something that the Fenix ​​got in an update really recently. The value shows you from 0 to 100 how ready you are for the next training session based on your sleep, VST, recovery time, short-term stress, as well as your sleep and stress history. It's a pretty decent helper and you can say it's such an improved recovery period value.

In Fenix ​​7 you will also find the option to display your cycling level (only with wattmeter and chest) or how the shares are doing. Which is interesting news, and since I'm not involved in this industry at all, you can write to me if it's interesting to you.

Nothing will suprise you in terms of cleverness

The same thing all over again, the watches are really identical in terms of smart features. Notifications, music, hydration and other fun things we use every day. However, don't really look for the difference between these pieces. You would be wasting your time.

Například platba kartou je

For example, paying by card a "joy", which I use very often

The same goes for the fitness functions, which, apart from the mentioned "walk", are absolutely the same...

Final evaluation

For the Garmin Enduro 2 model, I would use my rather favorite phrase: "And why? Because I can." This model is almost identical to the Garmin Fenix ​​7X, and although my colleague and I carefully looked for any differences, they are almost non-existent.

Unless you're after the original Enduro look with the yellow ring inside the dial, I don't see a reason to buy the Enduro 2 model. But... The reason to buy will be if the Fenixes don't get the GAP and Next Fork in the update. I can't judge if this is important to you, but for me at least the first mentioned function would be the deciding factor.

My final assessment is simple. Are you an ultra-crazy runner who needs the longest battery life, the best looks and the best running features out there? Get Enduro 2 and you will definitely not make a mistake. If you are an athlete at heart and do all the sports that come your way. Go for the Fenix ​​7X and you won't go wrong. You are both mentioned, buy any model and again - you will definitely not make a mistake.

Myslíte, že nakonec z F 7X přejdu na Enduro 2? :-)

Do you think I will eventually switch from the Fenix 7X to Enduro 2? :-)

This article will definitely undergo a drastic change after the release of the Enduro 2 model, as it is written based on the testing of a non-sale sample of this particular model, so we will see what the sales piece will be and what else will make it to the Fenix ​​through updates.


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