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Children's Flik Flak Watches Review – The Best First Watch?

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6.12.2021 | 4 MIN

Getting your first watch is something memorable. I got mine from my dad, I still remember this very well although they watch me from the watch heaven now. I would sleep with them, climb trees with them, I would sometimes even get an earful for not checking the time and being late for dinner. It's the same with my 6-year-old son now, since I borrowed a Flik Flak watch for the purpose of writing this review. Keep reading to find out why I chose this watch brand in particular and whether they passed their one-year challenge.

We learn from our mistakes

I love watches. My favourite ones are mainly from Japanese brands, but I've always tried to keep up with all brands world-wide. Just last years, I realized that I'd never looked into a certain category. Yes, you're right – it's children's watches. Unfortunately, that's the reason why the purchase of my son's first watch for his fifth birthday was not so successful.

I admit that I didn't really think about what to choose, the only requirements were that it needed to be a watch with hands and that my son liked it. Since I didn't want to risk choosing something that was not according to the future owner's taste, I let him choose the watch. After all, it was going to be his watch.

So we went shopping. After a quick glance over the showcase with children's models, my son unmistakably pointed to a watch in the corner. Blue, strap with many little ghosts, and a small ghost instead of the second hand. "You really want this one?" I ask him. His vigorous YES showed that there was no doubt, we were going to walk out of the shop with the watch... But the joy did not last long...

The problem was, there were no numbers that would indicate the time. This is no problem for us, adults, but for a small child that is still learning to tell the time? Unfortunately, this is a problem for them. Reading the time would soon become more of a chore rather than something fun. And that's not all, my son, not listening to my warnings, had a bath with them one night. Oh, children... The result was soon clear – the morning after, the ghost under the glass with condensed water stopped running.

Giving It a Second Try

I definitely didn't manage the first attempt to buy a watch well and I had to make it right. After looking more closely into what the market of children's watches offers, I noticed that unfortunately majority of producers didn't give them a thought. Fortunately, there is someone who knows how to make children's watches – Flik Flak.

52,00 € The sale is over

This Swiss brand, a subsidiary of Swatch, has been making watches for our youngest since 1987, and they are trying to make learning the time easier not only for them, but also for the parent.

Having learnt from my previous mistake, I set some criteria: number dial for hours and minutes, water resistance, low maintenance if possible – and Flik Flak checks all the boxes.

The only remaining thing was to choose the right design. From the vast sea of models, my son chose a Spiderman watch, and, judging from his friends' reactions in the kindergarten, it was a great choice. And what do I think as the grown-up? Well, dad is glad, too.

Thanks to the hour and minute hands being different colours, each of them matching their respectable indexes, it was way easier for junior to learn to tell time, and now, after a year, he doesn't have any problem to tell time using any watch, so the both of us are happy, of course.

Thanks to the hour and minute hands being different colours, each of them matching their respectable indexes, it was way easier for junior to learn to tell time.

The producer also thought through the functional side of the watch. Children's watches go through a lot, especially on a boy's wrist, so they should be durable. Flik Flak are therefore made from durable and safe, BPA-free plastic and they are powered by Swiss movement ETA that's ticking inside. It's put inside in a way to endure even a bit harsh treatment.

Saying this with a pinch of salt, we could say that these watches are Swiss G-Shock watches for children. Ours made it through playing on a trampoline without a scratch, for example, and didn't get any from falling off a bike or falling on skates. They are fine even with water. Although the parameters list waterproofness up to 30 metres, which is generally recommended only for slight contacts with water, the Flik Flak watches can take swimming in a pool or being in a washing machine like it's nothing!

The producer also kept in mind that the strap gets dirty sometimes, so we can even put the watch in a washing machine on 40 °C (104 °F). All you have to do is put the watch in a sock. Of course, we tried this too and the watch was as good as new, and they even smelt great after. :) Nice!

Is there even something negative I could point out? Trust me, I thought about this for a long time and came up with nothing. They can do anything that a first watch should know how to do, and considering the country of origin, I didn't even mind the slightly higher cost. That's because I got a genuinely quality children's watch in return, and just like it is with Swatch watches, even above-standard service.

After the battery in a Flik Flak watch doesn't work anymore, an authorized service should change it for new one for free, never mind the age of the watch. The same goes for the plastic glass, a watchmaker will polish it for you if you need that. I like that because when my son grows out of them, they can bring joy to someone else, too.

Today's review shows us that purchase of a children's watch should not be taken lightly and choosing the right first watch can be tricky. It doesn't matter if you opt for Flik Flak or a completely different brand, I wish that your first buy is successful. It's this first watch that your child will most probably recall from time to time in adulthood, and remember the person who gave it to them – you.