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Women's Certina watches: Photo gallery of the most beautiful ones

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21.7.2023 | 4 MIN

Shouldn't women's watches not only be about good looks, but also about quality?Swiss Certina offers not only a subtle and elegant design that every lady will appreciate in her collection, but above all precision, legendary durability and, finally, a long tradition of which the brand is rightly proud. Today we have prepared a photo gallery of the most beautiful Certina ladies' watches that will appeal to even the most demanding ladies.

Watches with diamonds will shine in formal and casual company

Certina is known for really caring about the quality of its materials, so on virtually all of its watches we find sapphire crystal, which is almost scratch-proof, and often with at least one anti-reflective layer that reduces glare and improves the watch's legibility.

The same goes for the bullish cases and bracelets, which are always made of high quality surgical steel or anti-allergenic titanium.

What about the setting? No compromises here either. On all the ladies' watches that Certina has chosen to decorate in this way, we find genuine diamonds, for which you always get the relevant certificate, which is actually a kind of "birth certificate" of the diamond. You can therefore be sure of its authenticity and impeccable provenance.

TOP 6: Women
TOP 6: Women's watches set with diamonds

A watch with diamonds will be an unmissable adornment on your wrist, wherever you go with it - to the ball or even to the office. In fact, with the legendary Certin durability, which always includes resistance to mechanical damage as well as a minimum of 100M water resistance (but often 200M), it will reliably withstand more than just everyday wear.

Certina also manages to master combinations of more distinctive elements admirably - take the DS Podium Lady Automatic as an example, which merges the beauty of diamonds, genuine mother-of-pearl, a gold finish and a deep red leather strap. The watch becomes unmissable, yet still oozes sophistication.

Inside, Certina often (but not as a rule) inserts a mechanical movement with an automatic winding, whose oscillation and decoration can be observed through the watch's transparent dial.

In short, the fact that the watch has an automatic winding means that it does not need to be manually wound with a crown. In short, such watches are called "automatics" because, unlike watches with manual winding, they are wound by a rotor, which is a mechanism for automatically winding a pen. When worn, the watch therefore winds itself.

Genuine diving watches don't have to be a man's thing

There are really few women's watches on the market with a diver design that isn't just for show. Here, too, Certina has outdone the competition. In the Aqua model line, which is aimed at water lovers, we find some impressive pieces that will stand up to the depths of the sea.

550,00 € (delivery by 10.10.)

Although no women's watches carry diver certification, those in the Aqua range come with superior water resistance to 200M (minimum), robust construction and, most importantly, a set of measures to increase durability - the so-called DS Concept.

The DS Concept (or Double Security) stands for reinforced sapphire crystal and caseback, double crown seals and a special seal in the caseback. This prevents water from entering the watch and makes it resistant to mechanical damage.

591,00 € (delivery by 22.11.)

The diving style is dominated by a wide unidirectional rotating lunette with ten-minute interval markers. Not to be missed is the excellent luminescence, in the case of the Certin Swiss Super-Luminova, found on the large plastic indexes and wide hands. Indeed, the divers must be very legible even in the dark.

Classic and elegant at all times

For women who are not looking for flashy diamonds or the sporty look of a diver, Certina offers a versatile alternative - the Urban line, which includes (in addition to diamond watches) simple, elegant watches that are designed for women who profess an urban lifestyle.

The moon phase complication – The most breathtaking and unnecessary complication
The moon phase complication – The most breathtaking and unnecessary complication

In the Urban line we find a diverse range of designs and colours. There is a choice for virtually all ladies, whether they prefer classic silver accessories, elegant gold, modern rose gold or various combinations.

The range then offers both practical quartz watches (battery operated) and mechanical watches with automatic winding. In the case of the DS Caimano Lady Automatic, for example, the movement is a Swiss Powermatic 80 with an increased power reserve of 80 hours (normally mechanical movements have a power reserve of around 40 hours).

Simple, clear and easy to read.

When it comes to watches, what is most important to you is that they are clear and easy to read at a glance? Certina has thought of you too. There are pieces that appeal with a simple dial, clearly visible contrasting hands and marked indexes with Arabic numerals.

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