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Casio G-Shock DW-5600 Review – Legend on budget

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28.3.2022 | 5 MIN

I believe that everyone has already encountered them at least once at some point in their life. For some, it's just some ordinary digital, for others it's a wearable legend and a watch they would swear by. I certainly belong to the second group; I myself have a few of them in my modest collection and so today, I will let you in on some of the reasons why is G-Shock DW-5600 a great addition to it.

They will survive nearly everything

The Casio watches are generally considered to be the best in the price/performance ratio category, however, if I were to choose one model only, I would immediately go for DW-5600, without hesitating. For only about €120, they really have a lot to offer so it is no wonder that this watch is said to be the best „Toolwatch“ in the world. As it should.

103,00 € in stock

It will survive a fall from a height of 10 metres and even though it's not a diving watch, 200 metres depth won't be an issue for them either. You can be doing your thing with an automatic drill or knocking walls down and this watch will contently sit on your wrist, entirely unbothered. Don't believe me? Just look in the Guiness World Records, since Casio thought they would let a truck weighing 25 tons run over this watch. Because you know, why not.

Of course, that was a piece of cake for DWs and I doubt we could find a proof of durability any better than this. Also, can I just say: the pins! I wouldn't expect them to be able to endure that kind of weight. And if all this is still not enough for you, then what may change your mind is the fact that DW-5600 can pride itself with a NASA certification for space flights as well.

Very handy mix of functions

DW-5600 can't maybe do as much as its premium siblings, but I would still say it has everything a watch of this kind should have. There is a module 2339 running inside, which means we can make use of a stopwatch or loop countdown (both for up to 24 hours), programmable alarm clock that can ring either daily, once a month or alternatively, entire one month of your choosing. You can also set up a specific date, which is convenient as an anniversary reminder.

„Flash Alert“ is another function that some may find quite handy. Naturally, the watch has an illuminated dial (with honest illuminator, not diode), which can serve as a sort of a visual notification of the alarm, timer or anytime a full hour passes as well. The display will then begin to flash, altogether with an acoustic signalling.

Another great thing about DWs is that you can still see current time even in the stopwatch or countdown mode, so there is no need to go back to the main menu, which is the case with some of the other models. We also get a calendar, unfortunately in the „western“ formatting only – meaning the month comes before the day. It may be a bit confusing at first, but it is not impossible to get used to.

103,00 € in stock

The watch is then powered by a battery that is said to have a lifetime of two years. However, Casio is known for underestimating that value a bit so if the use of the alarm and flash is not overly excessive, the longevity is sure to be increased. My own piece can be a proof of that after all. More than 5 years in and it's still running on the original battery without a problem.

They are easy to wear

Due to the compact size of G-Shocks, they are very comfortable to wear on nearly any wrist. DW-5600 measures in 42,8 x 48,9 milimetres and the bezel is 13,4 milimetres thick. What is more, thanks to the resin construction, they are light and weigh only 53 grams. The band is also made out of resin, which is the only aspect of this watch that I can't help but be a little critical about.

Unlike the people on the internet, it is not the toughness of the band that I mind, but rather the spacing between the individual holes. I sometimes have a trouble finding the right one so the watch doesn't cut the blood flow to my hand or hang loose. Someone with a smaller wrist may find the band a little too long as well.

On the other hand, I have to praise the buckle. This model still has a metal buckle, unlike the majority of the newer models, and it reminds of the times where we weren't „saving“ money left and right. Speaking of materials, I should mention the glass too. That is traditionally made out of minerals, however, because it's sunken below the bezel level, it's not prone to being scratched. We can also find hints as to what each button does there, so the watch can be used by anyone, even those who never had the chance to hold them before.

They made an appearance in movies, too

Watches that made an appearance on the big screens are generally a popular topic and for some, it may even be the only reason they got one of them in the first place. And DW-5600 could be seen in films so often that it could an article of its own.

One of the best known ones is surely the movie „Speed“, where the main protagonist Keanu Reeves wears them. That's where the nickname of these watches comes from after all, the die-hard fans call them „Speed-Shocks“. Fun fact – the watch is actually owned by Keanu Reeves, so no props here...

Out of the long line of movies, I will also mention „Heat“, where we could see the watch on Robert de Niro's wrist and „Independence Day“, young Giuseppe Andrews being the one to wear them this time around. If you're a fan of movie watches, you can't go wrong with these.

The option of self-expression

As of now, G-Shocks are very far from being watches for hard work only, we can now more often than not see them being a fashion accessory. The models commonly have a large portfolio of colours to offer, however, DW-5600 undoubtedly claim the top spot.

Over the course of their existence, DW-5600 tried on all possible and impossible colour combinations and so whatever it is that you are looking for, this is your chance. Transparent, camo or denim pattern? No problem.

This model is also commonly used as a base for collaborations, either with popular brands or famous celebrities. That is not all, though. Does the current offer lack the variant that you are looking for? No worries – just create it. Thanks to how popular this model is, there are countless of aftermarkets that just might have what you are after, be it bands, bezels or other accessories. The only limit here is your fantasy.

To spark your inspiration, let me add a thread on this popular watch forum Watchuseek that is dedicated to the customization of the „squares“. Just beware! It's kind of addictive. But you know the saying, idle hands are the devil's playground...

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