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“Honey, if you love me, buy me something with a proper diamond. That you only heard such a sentence in American TV shows or in your nightmares? Although some may disagree, most women don't really consider diamonds to be a measure of love... But they probably make them very happy. And what if you don't pay ten paychecks for them, which you could spend on a nice vacation, for example. Check out the photo gallery of women's watches with diamonds.

In this article, you will only find affordable watches (up to 500 EUR). For the more demanding of you, in another article we have selected representatives of more luxurious watches with diamonds.

Women's watches set with diamonds – Photo Gallery

The Guess Nova watch combines several really great selling points. They are minimalistic, among the larger watches, which many women look for, as well as the fact that they have a diamond on the dial.

The diamond at 12 o'clock is really small, but even because of that they move in very affordable waters. In addition, it is a fashion brand of the famous name Guess. This combination is really hard to resist.

81,00 € (delivery by 3.6.)

Women's Guess Watches – Gallery of the most beautiful

What are the basic properties of diamonds that determine their value? – Experts distinguish the so-called 4 Cs: Carat weight, Grind, Color and Clarity. The imaginary fifth C is then the Certificate, or such a "birth certificate", which every diamond whose seller is serious should have.

Sporty, a bit masculine, but just as chic: the Festina Boyfriend watch with a stopwatch comes from the Boyfriend collection, which builds on a fairly simple observation – that many women prefer men's style watches.

Despite the apparent unfeminineness, designers from Festina provided these Boyfriends with an inconspicuous decoration – a diamond located in the twelfth position. Between the chronograph sub-dials and the luminescent indices, the diamond is, shall we say, somewhat hidden. Therefore, the diamond on this watch is intended more for the private pleasure of the wearer's eye.

146,00 € in stock

The carat weight (indicated in ct) is directly related to the size of the diamond – and the larger the diamond (and its weight), the rarer and therefore more expensive it is. 1 carat is equal to one-fifth of a gram, and it is known that not one in a million rough diamonds is large enough to cut a single piece of 1 ct. And just for interest: The largest rough diamond mined weighed over half a kilo and had an incredible 3,106.75 ct.

Citizen watches then chose a different strategy. The decoration of the Citizen Elegant watch is not only a fine diamond, but the entire dial.

282,00 € (delivery by 7.6.)

The latter is inlaid mother-of-pearl with a delicate wavy pattern, covered by a convex sapphire crystal.

The diamond is set at the 8 o'clock position, as is the unusually set crown with a decorative cabochon.

300,00 € (delivery by 30.5.)

Women's watches in rose gold – Photo gallery

For many experts, the cut is a far more important indicator of a diamond's true value than the number of carats. At the same time, it is the most complicated category to assess. As the only one of the 4 C values, it is not affected by the vagaries of mother nature and depends only on the skill of the master grinder. Only he can create a beautiful brilliant from a yellowed stone. On the contrary, it doesn't work. Even a perfectly clean rough diamond will not become a gem without skillful hands.

354,00 € (delivery by 30.5.)

Prim MPM from Frýdek-Místek is not idle when it comes to delicate designs for ladies with a romantic soul.

The Prim Olympia Diamond watch features eight diamonds and an elegant cut dial with clear Arabic indexes. And the sapphire glass will also please.

For the Color of a Diamond, paradoxically, it is not important how much it is, but rather how much it is not. Put simply, diamonds are valued according to how close they are to pure colourlessness. Only the most perfect diamonds do not have the slightest yellow or brownish tint in them, but it is very difficult for the layman's eye to recognize this.

Elegant women's angular watches are not only for lovers of symmetry, solid lines and sharp edges. The Swiss Tissot Lovely watch exudes a vintage atmosphere that entices.

With a diameter of only 20 mm, the tiny square watch is a real jewel in the form of a watch. This impression is aided by an elegant Milanese bracelet that suits the angular shape.

Twelve diamonds of 0.0252 ct appear on the dial.

The purity of a diamond includes the number of defects, imperfections and "beauty marks" that were created during the very birth of rough diamonds – under extremely high temperatures and enormous pressure deep underground. So it's no surprise that diamonds with the least amount of damage tend to be valued the most.

Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

The Tissot T-Wave took the form of an elegant jewel set with four tiny diamonds of 0.0084 ct.
The watch was originally conceived as a Valentine's edition, but luckily for us, its graceful curves inspired by silk ribbon became so popular that it later became part of the regular collection.

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