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15.11.2023 | 4 MIN

Elegant women's square watches don't have to be just for lovers of symmetry, hard lines and sharp edges. Let's not forget that they were especially popular in the 50s and 60s, and so they have an undeniable vintage vibe that beckons.

It's true that in the last thirty, maybe forty years or so, square watches have lost popularity (if you don't count Casio's retro digital watches, which were, are and I believe will be popular for a long time to come)...

That changed, however, when the retro series Queen's Gambit, starring the brilliant chess player Beth Harmon, hit Netflix, sweeping the ratings charts as fiercely as its rivals and causing a stir in the fashion world and, to some extent, in the watch world – watches similar to her tiny jewelled Bulova (whose limited reissue is already hopelessly sold out) with square dials started filling fashion magazines and watch forums. What do you think, could this mark the return of the square watch trend?

Vintage hodinky ze seriálu Queen's Gambit.

The Bulova square dial watch from Queen's Gambit.

Hamilton's watches look like they're from the first half of the last century, created in collaboration with the famous film costume designer Janie Briant, who has won awards such as an Emmy for her work.

This watch from Hamilton, a Swiss brand with a handful of interesting collaborations to its credit, is deliberately different, aimed at adventurous women looking for something new, unique and distinctive.

The blue version has been given a more modern twist:

A beautiful combination of vintage jewellery aesthetics, angular shape and modern flair at the same time, the Tissot Lovely Square watch boasts a beautiful combination.

This collection is one of the smallest watches we offer. Its tiny dimensions, with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 7.1 mm.

Rose gold – warm copper colour with pink undertones, is considered the most "trendy" colour of metal today by the editors of the world's fashion magazines. This is due to the pop culture phenomenon "Millennial pink" (the generation that grew up surrounded by modern technology is referred to as "millennials"), which has been sweeping social networks since 2015. - Pink and rose-gold are the colors that add to the "perfect" atmosphere of influencer Instagram photos, which are supposed to appear more beautiful and "pink" than reality.

Women's watches in rose gold – Photo gallery

And they come in many colour variations. They are also on leather (even with interesting animal patterns) or on steel, and ladies can choose between a variant with simple indices or more flashy diamonds.

At first glance, they may seem rather thick, but due to the tiny diameter, this is an optical illusion.

Thanks to the easily interchangeable brightly coloured straps that are included in the set with some models, the Tissot Lovely is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

The watch innovator, Japanese Citizen, brings a modern touch to the square design trend.

Even its most elegant women's pieces are equipped with Eco-Drive solar power, which appeals primarily to practical women who do not want to worry about a watch for at least 10 years.

This is because the watch is recharged by light, natural or artificial, so there is no need to replace the battery.

And we'll stop in Japan for a moment. Specifically, the popular brand Casio, which offers several interesting square pieces for ladies in its collection.

56,00 € in stock

I bought the watch as a gift and it was a great success. The recipient enjoys wearing it to work and out in the community. They especially stand out on a delicate wrist. – Eva

Casio makes them very classic, but thanks to their timelessness they are still in fashion. That's also why Casio is one of the most popular square watches in our country.

The wardrobe of square watch lovers will also be revived by the German brand Boccia Titanium, which creates watches exclusively from titanium, which is lightweight and anti-allergenic (and therefore suitable for more sensitive skin).

105,00 € (delivery by 4.7.)

Titanium is a hi-tech material that, thanks to its unique physical properties, is very strong, durable, non-corrosive and, most importantly, lightweight and hypoallergenic. This makes titanium watches a great alternative for people with nickel-sensitive skin or those suffering from contact dermatitis (for whom nickel is also a reaction trigger in most cases).

The fashion brand Guess has brought a very fashionable wind to the edgy style with an original design concept.

84,00 € unavailable

And for lovers of Nordic minimalism and sharp edges, there's always the Danish brand Bering.

Minimalism – it means using minimal means to achieve maximum effect. As a style, it began to take shape in the visual arts of the 1950s and gradually infiltrated all other art forms (music, literature, film, architecture...) as well as fashion, applied design and even philosophy. Minimalists (from a watchmaking point of view) pursue the path of simplicity of form, colour and texture, aiming to achieve perfect aesthetic purity with maximum visual impact.


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