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3.4.2023 | 9 MIN

People associate gold with luxury and lavishness. No wonder golden jewellery and watches sell very well. In my opinion, many women want golden accessories simply because the colour suits them better than silver. If you're looking for a new golden piece to add to your collection, you can get inspired by this list of golden women's watches, which the most favourite ones.

Right from the start, we have to say that all that glitters isn't gold. If you wanted a watch made from real gold, the prices would be a few levels up. On this list, you can find watches which were surface coated to achieve the yellow-gold colour. It does have its disadvantages which we're going to discuss, but also its advantages. For example, it is a more affordable method and yet beautiful.

Types of gold plating. There are many methods. As was said, the traditional gold we're used to is not used as it is too soft, very likely to be scratched off, and it would take a lot of material. Before, electroplating was used a lot. This way, a coloured layer few microns thick (micrometres which are a thousand times smaller than a millimetre). Most brands however have been using the PVD method, where the particles are deposited right into the structure of the metal.

Golden minimalism

A watch being golden coloured doesn't mean that it has to be over-the-top, not pleasing to the eye, pompous or extravagant. Let's start this article with elegant models. Elegant models are known for their simplicity of design.

A model belonging to this category is the Festina Boyfriend collection. A colleague writing a review on this piece, wrote: "There's 'nothing interesting' about it, one might think. But that's exactly why it is the favourite." Couldn't be said in any better way.

This model with its diameter of 38 mm / 1.5" is considered a bigger watch, just like this model by Michael Kors. Both the Festina and MK one have a mineral glass, plus the name of a well-known designer on top.

Michael Kors photo gallery of women
Michael Kors photo gallery of women's watches – New York style icon

143,00 € (delivery by 11.6.)

We can find similar parameters and similar design also looking over at the American Invicta, which only confirms that people like oversized minimalistic look.

The Invicta Angel model is also water resistant up to 100 metres and is decorated with a stone put into the crown.

Invicta Angel – Photo gallery of angel watches from Invicta
Invicta Angel – Photo gallery of angel watches from Invicta

We cannot omit the Tissot Everytime which is the materialization of the concept of golden business watches. If you thought a watch that's completely golden is over the top, Tissot will show you that quite the opposite is true.

That's because Tissot chose the completely minimalistic design, which means they could make everything golden. The dial, hands, indices, case, bracelet. Only the black Tissot and Swiss Made texts tell us that you're wearing a traditional Swiss brand.

It comes in a smaller size, a bigger size, and also a unisex version, which was originally meant to be a men's piece, but women looking for a bigger-sized watch fell in love with it.

TOP 6: Big and elegant women
TOP 6: Big and elegant women's watches

This minimalistic yet highly elegant design makes this watch perfect not only for everyday wearing or for work, but also for some more formal events, like going to the theatre. And for people who insist on golden jewellery, this golden watch hits the golden bull's eye.

If you want some more affordable model, you should definitely check out JVD models.

79,00 € in stock

Even though it is not made as precise as Tissot, it is still a great accessory to have. Plus, the Arabic numerals on the dials are easy to read, plus the watches have the useful date-day complication.

Similar in quality, we also have to mention the Japanese Lorus brand. Lorus is one of those brands that offer a lot for a little price. If your new-watch budget is not the greatest but you still want to buy a quality piece, then Lorus is a great choice.

73,00 € The sale is over

The linked bracelet uses the simple butterfly clasp. I think that many women will be glad to see a simple and quick buckle system. All you need to do is fold the buckle and go on wiht your day. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters, which is enough for a regular day-to-day watch.

The most beautiful women
The most beautiful women's watches (affordable)

Won't the golden colour come off? It won't. Thanks to the already-mentioned PVD coating method, the colour is not applied onto the metal, but it is deposited right into the material. So, the resulting colour will not peel off as sometimes happened with older methods of gold-plating. Of course, it won't last forever. Especially if the watch is frequently mechanically damaged (hitting things with it etc.), it can scratch the watch so deep that the original colour of the watch peeks though the crack.

Small accessory for small wrists

For our small-wristed readers or to lovers of smaller-sized watches, there are many models which can enchant your mind while being inconspicuous.

We simply have to start this part with this Bering watch. Again, minimalistic design but since the size is 22 mm / 0.87", it is a jewellery watch. Plus, it comes with a golden bracelet.

Small women
Small women's watches for tiny wrists – Photo Gallery

Bering might prioritize affordability of its watches, but this piece still comes with a sapphire glass, which is not scratched easily. Another watch collection with sapphire glass is the Festina Swiss Made. 

178,00 € in stock

With smaller watches, I recommend trying out square models. These do wonders with wrists and look better than you'd even believe. As a proof of my statement, please look at the Tissot Lavely Square.

If smaller pieces are trendy again, then it comes hand in hand with square pieces. This magical Tissot piece from Switzerland is the best proof there is.

Women's watches Tissot Lovely Square photo gallery – Squares are back in fashion

Among favourite square watches is also, also thanks to the affordability, this Casio piece. Maybe it looks similar to the piece your grandma wore decades ago. You might not like this retro trend, or you might just not like this piece in particular. But I believe that there is more than one lady out there who will fall for this design.

Additionally, this watch is minute and looks refined and elegant. Small though the watch is, it is still nicely readable.

Last but not least, this Festina piece from the Mademoiselle collection, adorned with Swarovski crystals. Looking at the fine bracelet, so-called Milanese, it is the perfect choice for smaller wrists. It adjusts to your wrist nicely and looks very elegant.

What are the advantages of PVD coating? As was already mentioned, the material is deposited right into the metal of the watch. This thin film, which is few microns thick, is known for its hardness, scratch resistance and rusting. It is also high-heat resistant and acid resistant. Unlike watches made from real gold, watches using this gold-plating method are more affordable. Plus, we don't have to limit ourselves to gold only. Among favourites is also black or rose-gold coating.

Women's watches in rose gold – Photo gallery

Let them shine

Or maybe you are someone who wants a bold accessory. A gold watch is the right choice for you, then. Especially with generous decorations or watches which are gold only.

162,00 € in stock

I probably do not have to introduce Guess. This brand offers numerous of models fitting the description. Your watch can now be set by tens of shiny stones or some other design element.

The watches are sometimes fun and playful, sometimes you won't be able to tell whether it's not too much. But you will never know which one is the right answer till you put the piece on.

The same is true for Invicta. Invicta knows how to be bold when it comes to colours, design, and size. The more precise term to put it would be artfulness as Invicta really knows how to play around with colours.

When I wrote play, it could also mean this playful Mickey Mouse design. Either in its more gentle form or the slightly eccentric one.

Invicta also shows knowledge in the field of botany. Its Wildflower collection blooms with interesting pieces with original designs.

What is PVD method? The majority of fashionable and classic watch brands now uses so-called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) to achieve a desired colour change. It is a modern process of creating layers. In high heat (200–400 °C / 392–752 °F) and in vacuum, microparticles vaporize from a substance.

These particles are then deposited under high pressure into the pores of a certain material (for watches, it is usually steel). The particles therefore do not only lay on the surface, but actually merge with the watch material.

Titanium for sensitive skin

If your skin is too sensitive for ordinary steel, you can still get your golden jewellery watch. Titan, with its anti-allergy characteristics, can to undergo this process of gold-plating.

The German Boccia Titanium brand specializes in titanium pieces. It is no wonder that their golden models are one of the favourites in the women's collection.

127,00 € in stock

Compared with steel, titanium is also very light so you will not feel the watch on your wrist at all. If you are thinking about getting one, I recommend thinking through whether you like changing the bracelet. Although the majority of watches uses the usual attachment to the case (so you can change the bracelet for a different one, even though it might not be of the exact watch brand), you will not have that choice here. But considering it is the watch that makes the watches sell well, I wouldn't say it is a disadvantage.

147,00 € in stock

Besides uniqueness, among other advantages of Boccia Titanium is also the sapphire glass. However, the watches are still within affordable price range.

What influences the lifespan of gold plating? Of course, how much you wear the watch. If you wear a colour coated watch every day, then by mechanical damage, it could lose its golden shine. You should also not wear any metal bracelets as they could scratch the beautiful golden colour. A big role in this also plays how many microns a brand uses for the coating. This is usually reflected in the price of the watch.

For fans of timeless retro

Not so long ago, a young man was trying on a golden digital watch. He said: "You don't have to tell me it's a women's watch, I know that." But I actually did not want to tell him this. In my opinion, these pieces are, were, have been, and always will be unisex which will never go out of style. This is the true retro which did not have any reason to change from the '90s. Plus, every single watch enthusiast should have the simple Casio digital watch in their collection.

63,00 € in stock

A lot of digital watches also comes in golden versions. The favourite one is the Casio Vintage A168 since it is the master of classics. Essential but sufficient features (stopwatch, alarm clock, 24-hour time format, great backlight), water resistance which might be almost 0 on paper, but in real life, it can come up to a hundred, and surprisingly great battery life.

Besides this one, you can also choose the new curvy model Casio A171, which entirely transforms the retro style.

TOP 6: Inexpensive retro watches that tell stories
TOP 6: Inexpensive retro watches that tell stories

Or the Casio A100, which was inspired by Ripley's watch in Alien. It also reminds me of something from the Star Wars…

When it comes to fashion brands, the coating which is created during the PVD process is around 12 microns of usual galvanic gold plating. The number is even higher in traditional watch brands. What we need to have in mind is that even gold plating has its limits and eventually, some beauty spots will appear.

Retro Casio A100 review – The Alien is back!
Retro Casio A100 review – The Alien is back!

Retro doesn't only mean digital watches of course. A beautiful golden example is the Festina Retro, which looks like a watch straight out of a '50s TV series.

In this golden photo gallery, we can't omit the Tissot PRX. A model which hasn't been on sale for a long time, but also a model which has already swept both ladies and men off their feet.

This piece's style could also be defined as retro from a forgotten magazine. However, it can pride itself with high water resistance and unobtrusive yet quality luminescence.

What should we pay attention to when buying a golden watch? Some fashion brands still use galvanic gold-plating. During this process, the golden coating (only few microns) is put on the surface of the watch using electricity, which might lead to some wear-and-tear. It also depends on the number of microns. Generally, 1 micron lasts a year of usual wear. Thankfully, the majority of manufacturers start to adapt the mentioned PVD with all of its advantages.

Swiss Tissot was our last point for today. There are many golden watches and today's photo gallery should only serve as an inspiration to choose from so many different styles or from the many favourites in our store. The choice is yours and yours only.


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