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5 reasons why you should get a Huawei watch

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4.1.2023 | 4 MIN

The Chinese brand Huawei is really going strong as of late. And no wonder. Huawei smart watches are cheap and really good quality. They stand out for their universality and accuracy, and today we will look at several reasons as to why you should give these watches a chance.

For those who still associate the Huawei brand with mobile phones, the first watches of this brand were introduced already back in 2015, and since then they have been launching into the watch world one hit after the other! And almost everyone can make a pick. But now let's get to the reasons why Huawei.

1. Price / performance ratio

We begin with the most important part. And that is the ratio of performance and price of the watch. I would say that as far as Chinese watch production is concerned, the Huawei smartwatch is a titan in this. Loaded with features from A to Z and you don't have to take out three loans and take out building savings to pay for them.

2. The precision of a Swiss watch

Zvláštní nadpis, co? Často slýchávám názory, že hodinky z Číny přece nemůžou být přesné a nelze podle nich trénovat... S úplně klidným srdcem vám mohu říct, že u Huaweie to opravdu neplatí a například přesnost tepové frekvence je srovnatelná, ne-li lepší, než u Garminu. Samozřejmě z ruky, protože z pásu to umí každý stejně.:-)

Weird headline, huh? I often hear opinions that watches from China can't be accurate and you can't train accordingly to them... I can tell you with a completely calm heart that this is not really the case with Huawei and for example the accuracy of the heart rate is comparable, if not better, than that of Garmin . Of course from the wrist, because watches do equally with the chest strap. :-)

As far as GPS is concerned, the watch is always at an excellent level and it doesn't have to be a high-end model. One of the best examples is the Huawei Watch Fit 2, which costs a few bucks and can survive an adventure in the "high mountains" of Malá Fatra.

Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review – Tackling the bounds of impossible
Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review – Tackling the bounds of impossible

3. Battery for any occasion

A long stay in the mountains, listening to music on a 3-hour delayed train and other worries on a daily basis? I would say that the watch will definitely handle 99.9% of all your daily experiences.

The watch has an average battery life of 7 days, which ensures that it lasts long enough for all these matters. Even with GPS, the watch is not bad and can withstand all daily running and certainly some marathons.

4. Communication smart master

Huawei has been a smartwatch from head to toe. Loaded with smart features where connecting with people has always been the most important thing. And so, since the first generations of watches, we have had the function of making calls within reach of the phone, where you can do everything conveniently from your wrist.

Over time, the option to write back with preset responses to messages, Facebook, etc. was added to this function. So you only need the phone as a connected medium. And if you don't want to have a phone with you, Huawei also makes a model with an eSIM - the Huawei Watch 3 PRO.

425,00 € unavailable

Well, the culmination of smart functions came when Huawei customers got the option to upload MP3 to the device and could listen to music directly from the wrist. If Huawei stands their ground and adds payments as well, there's not much to speculate about. It will really be a master in communication technology.

5. Sport enthusiast with added value

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the article, most people take Huawei watches as smartwatches to the city, which you can't do much sports with. But in reality it is not like that at all. Their watches are accurate enough for both hobby runners and advanced athletes to train with.

In addition to classic metrics such as movement speed, kilometers and heart rate, the watch also offers regeneration time, VO2 Max, the ratio of anaerobic and aerobic load, training plans and many other functions that are found in more expensive models.

The closest thing to sports testers is the Huawei Watch GT Runner model, which took the best of Garmin (I see a lot of inspiration there) and left the soul of Huawei. Although I am a bit sad that the model is not more popular.

Finally, another point of attraction is the possibility of connecting to the worldwide application of athletes - Strava, where you can find new options for training evaluation and connect with all people, even if they have a different brand of watch.

Yes or no? That is the question.

Yes, Huawei watches are Chinese in their entirety. But I still stand my ground that it is the best Chinese in our range.

Now let's take a look at some personal tips for those, who might buy the watch.

You are a business man who needs to have a "cell" on his hand - this watch is for you.

You are a top athlete who only needs accurate analyzes and the longest battery life there is - this watch is not for you.

You are a "weekend" athlete who wants a beautiful watch for any occasion - this watch is for you.

You want a watch you can pay with and listen to music through streaming services - this watch is not for you.


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