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4 reasons to choose a smartwatch from Coros

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29.4.2022 | 4 MIN

Do you have doubts about the Coros brand, or do you not know anything about it? Today, we'll look at four reasons why reaching for a Coros watch is worth it. Or, contrarily, you will find that watches from Coros are not for you at all.

We have written several articles about Coros watches, and we mentioned the advantages of its models, but I still think we can spend some more time on them.

1. Watches purely devoted to sports

Coros watches don't have contactless payment, lifestyle functions, or even support for streaming services. It may seem like a disadvantage, but don't be fooled – it is not. By turning their back to smart features, they can pay full attention to sports analysis. And it works. Coros calls the analytical tool the EvoLab.

What does a Coros watch measure:

  • Marathon Level – A numerical expression of your ability to run on a flat surface over the distance of a marathon. This value uses calculations fromVO2Max, the lactate threshold, and your running efficiency. The higher the score, the faster you can finish the marathon.
  • Training Load – A numerical expression of the impact of training on your body based on the intensity and length of exercise.
  • VO2 Max – The maximum amount of oxygen an athlete can use in a sports activity.
  • Running Performance – A value expressing how good was your run given your fitness on a scale of 80 to 120.
  • Lactate Threshold – A heart rate or pace at which lactic acid (lactate) begins to accumulate in your body, and you get fatigue more quickly.
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Base Fitness – A numerical expression of the body's ability to train longer and more often at a higher intensity.
  • Load Impact – The higher the number, the greater the impact on your body and the limitations of fatigue-based training.
  • Fatique – The difference between Base Fitness and Load Impact. The larger the number, the greater the overtraining (values above 60 already indicate overtraining).
  • Race Predictor – A prediction of results for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon based on your fitness.
  • Recovery Timer – The percentage of your regeneration after your last workout.

I'm not saying that all these metrics are important for a beginner or recreational runner, but they are a treat for someone who wants to fight in numbers. For all the number lovers, Coros has also released Training Hub, which is a desktop version of the performance analysis.

I'll put it bluntly. You will not find a more detailed analysis of sports performance in any range of smartwatches (including sports testers).

Another fact adds to this. The Coros watch measures watts directly from the wrist. Watts are considered to be the future in the sports performance analysis field, and it is proposed that they could strongly complement heart rate measurements in the future.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity can be seen throughout the whole Coros. Inside out. Coros may be the only sports smartwatch that can be actually controlled by one finger. You control the watch with a crown and two buttons on the side.

The same spirit is carried in the user interface of the watch. Widgets among which you roll, menus, all simple. What couldn't fit inside the watch, got into the mobile app. And who would have thought the app is also minimalist. Four screens. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Garmin, Suunto, and other older brands started manufacturing watches about 10 years ago. And that was the world of computers. But when things moved to mobile devices, they tried to put so many computer functions into the small display. When we started designing our product, we started from the beginning, just from a mobile phone. That's why it's so easy to use and so user-friendly, "said Coros CEO Lewis Wu earlier in an interview.

You can get easily lost in some smartwatches, but not in Coros.

3. The best possible feedback

Coros has many strong names in the team – Camille Herron, Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Eliud Kipchoge...

Apart from the fact that it looks really good, having such names in your team has one even better benefit – the best possible feedback.When your devices are tested by the best, who have been professional athletes for many years, the algorithms and the overall functionality have to be exceptional. Especially since these athletes run so many kilometers in so many different terrains...

Quite recently, Coros released the "Adjusted Pace" function. Prior to the release, Kilian offered Coros his own training algorithms. The data was very close to the research team's formulas and helped them with further adjustments.

4. Battery life

If you need to know one piece of information about Coros, it's that there is not a watch that couldn't last for at least 2 weeks in the smartwatch mode. That is above average. And we are talking about minimal battery life.

A titan like the Vertix 2 last up to 2 months. When receiving a GPS signal, it lasts up to 140 hours. When receiving four navigation systems at once, the watch lasts 90 hours. On dual frequency, it is 50 hours. Competitors are hard to find.

What to say at the end?

I see a bright future for Coros. It is a young, progressive brand that aggressively digs into the sports smartwatch market. And that's good! Not only do they create amazing devices, but they also for the competition to move forward as fast as they can. And only the future will show who can keep up.

There are definitely more reasons to buy a Coros watch, but I personally take these as the main ones. Do you have your own reasons? Let us know in the comments!